I’ll say it; New Year’s resolutions suck!

#realtalk: They are counterproductive.

Think about it: they’re resolutions

Things you resolve yourself to do!

So let’s say you feel pressured to do something (whatever it is—gym, diet, relationships, money, etc.). So you make the resolution, and then you work toward it under duress!

You do it because you think you “have” to, even if you don’t feel like it. Even if you are doing it because you feel guilty. You do it because you don’t want to fail.

And THEN, you end up beating yourself up when you don’t reach your goals …  and you start the cycle all over again the next year.

Well, I say no more!

Here are three Defy Impossible™ Tips for turning it all around, and having a GREAT New Year:

  1. Don’t make resolutions! Make Divine Declarations, instead. A declaration is when you speak something into existence. A resolution is when you just lay down and take it. Feel the difference? (A declaration is simply an “I am” or “I know” statement, like “I am a person who leaves love everywhere I go,” and “I know the universe only brings good to me.” It’s powerful, too. YOU get to say how your life goes.)
  1. Figure out how to best serve yourself, this year. To do that, look at what makes you FEEL GOOD. If it makes you feel good to walk, then walk! Don’t go to the gym. Walk around the block. Do the things you enjoy.
  1. Look at where you spend your money. When you do, you’ll also know where you spend your time. And when you know where you spend your time, you’ll be able to turn it all around!

2018 can be whatever you want it to be, sis. You are a Black Woman of Power and Purpose!

Make it what you want, by ditching the resolutions, and taking these three steps, instead.

And post your steps below, so we can bear witness!

With all the love my heart can hold…

Dr. Venus

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