When I was living on the streets, there was one place I KNEW I could get food and clothes from: The Black Church. Mt. Calvary Star Baptist Church, to be specific. Rev. Young was the pastor.  

When I joined the Coast Guard Reserves to get off the streets, Rev. Young took up a collection for me. That money covered my travel expenses, clothes, food, and other necessities during my entire Bootcamp experience.

Rev. Young called it a “love offering.” I just sat there, head down, crying, while the mothers of the church rocked and hummed as they passed the plate. I didn’t really talk. I didn’t know all of their names. But I know they were proud of me for doing something good with my life. #womenempoweringwomen

They gave what they could.

Pennies, torn dollar bills. And occasional five …

They poured into me because they saw who I could be.

The gave from a place of inspiration.

To this day, when I give, I do so from a place of inspiration—not obligation.

I believe in tithing. But not in the traditional biblical sense. Sometimes you can’t see giving 10% of all you bring in going to ANYTHING that doesn’t help your business grow.

I get it.

I was the exact same way. So I talked to God about it.

And I realized that faith comes with practice. Trust comes with trying.

I tithe my time, my talent, and my treasure. And I do so with a cheerful heart.

No, it’s not 10% of my income. It’s what I am moved to give—without strings.

When you want to grow your faith, with God as the source of your affluence, give when you feel broke. Give to someone whose life will be changed forever because of you. Give when you are scared to give. Give an amount that makes you want to puke.

When you do, you’ll discover something you can never learn in all the books or from countless insights:

The act of trusting God with your money is the same trust you must develop in yourself, to win at business.

Tithing shows you where you don’t trust God, and where you don’t trust yourself … where you’re letting fear stop you.

The ONLY remedy for that is to tithe more, until that fear is replaced by hope.

Here are some Defy Impossible Prosperity Principles to get you started:

  1. Three Types of Tithing. Give your time, talent, or treasure (aka money) intentionally to change someone’s life. Give those things one at a time. Let yourself feel the rush of being God’s hands and feet in the life of another, and watch it inspire you to tithe more.
  2. Inspired Giving: When I give when I am inspired, my giving multiples. Lisa and I donated a chunk of money to a young woman in Cambodia who wanted to be a dentist in her village. Because we were inspired to give, an entire community was transformed!
  3. Give When You Feel Broke … or Broken. Faith without works is dead. You will not trust yourself or God if you don’t step out. When you give when you feel down and out, you are energetically saying, “I am NOT my circumstance. I AM bigger than this. God did NOT get me this far to turn Her back on me.” Even if what you give is only a dime to a homeless person on the street, you have just energetically shifted from victim to author of your life. From this space, you can see what new actions you can take to turn the tide.

What one action can you take today that will inspire YOU to trust yourself and trust God as the source of our affluence?

Post below so I can bear witness!

With all the love my heart can hold…

Dr. Venus

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  1. Auset

    Thank you for sharing these moving words I needed to hear today! There is nothing like giving & getting gifts from the heart as the Divine works magic through others. Blessed holiday season to you & yours!
  2. Valerie C Thompson

    I love this as I am a giver and love to give as mu Soul leads me. You may not believe this, however, I gave away about $35,000.00 in October of this year!!! OMG! I felt so good! By the way, I still have outstanding debt.lol Whay a blessing it was to give monetary as I always give of my time and talent!!! Thank you for the article Dr. V!

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