Last week, we brought creativity back to your business! We covered how “doing it ‘right’” in order to be successful can actually hold you back, and how infusing your business with creativity can make ALL the difference. (You can read that post here.)  

This week, let’s take a deeper look at that “core failure” wound we’ve been talking about … because sis, it’s DEEP!!!

It’s HARD to undo GENERATIONS of teachings that etch into our sense of self that, in order to be successful, you have to “get it right.” I know. I’ve been there.  

But the thing is, “right” changes! Consider this: The traditional education paradigm teaches us how to land a “good job” where your skills, talents, experience, and personality save the day. Yet most MBAs, marketing programs, and sales trainings before 2009 that utilize that belief didn’t account for the economy tanking. So what did all those people do, when the education they spent a fortune on became obsolete??

Even if you haven’t dropped bucket-loads of cash—or student loans—on your MBA, you have poured the equivalent in “sweat equity” into your business, career, or job, working countless hours and sacrificing your health, family time, and peace of mind in order to “make it.” Right?  

Then, maybe you took a look around just to realize that you’ve gotten nowhere, fast. No traction. No powerful forward progress. Just incremental movement at a snail’s pace.

This dependency on “a good education” inhibits entrepreneurs. It effectively caps one’s revenue, keeps her fighting for clients, and wastes thousands and thousands of her dollars on trainings, sales courses, and marketing programs that don’t work. Even worse, it reinforces that core failure wound.

So what’s a badass Black Woman to do, to get the traction she wants in her business, and her life?

My advice:

It may seem counterintuitive, but you HAVE to break the rules to be successful—especially the ones that are self-imposed and limit your performance. You have to HEAL to grow your business.

Healing is a creative act. It’s about being willing to let go of a rule or a hurt, or even an idea, so you can transform your personal performance.

You will never outearn your self-image. Your self-image is rooted in a series of “rules” that keep you safe, stuck, small, and/or in survival mode. When you truly realize money is energy, and that energy is created, you stop proving it, making it, and overcoming it. You stop “doing” something to get “somewhere” in order to be “somebody.”

BEING is an energetic transformation. When you heal, you transform. You stop “working hard,” and you start BEING God wrapped in flesh.

In that energetic creative space, your behaviors, insights, and actions NATURALLY manifest your heart’s desires—with ease.

What can you do in your business, today, that would allow you to give yourself the internal permission to “be” instead of “do?” What rules—the ones from you carry education, social expectation, and other people’s betrayals that make you protect yourself—might you break?

Post below, so we can bear witness.

With all the love my heart can hold…

Dr. Venus


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  1. Denise Self

    Hello Dr V thanks so very much for this timely communication. The words are touching a very vulnerable area as I move into my new season. I am transitioning from full time employee to full time entrepreneur, with some uncertainty. I am feeling some kind of way, because of the facts. The facts say no, but my faith says it's my time to move into my creative space. Looking forward to you coming back to Los Angeles, to the Black Business Woman Rock, (BBWR). Also, just so you are aware, I have a special table for all the Black Woman Millionaire Bosses, to attend the BBWR event. At a discounted rate. Please feel free to pass the word. The ladies can contact me, directly. My contact information is listed below. Thank you and love you much, See you, soon Denise Self 424.223.3613
  2. Akamilah

    Greetings, What I can do in my business (based on my current spirit) is to follow my raw spirit and just do it. I'll never forget what my high school orchestra teacher told us, mid way through my 1st semester with him. He said "if we know that a note was off, just keep playing bc most likely the audience won't know the difference". This stuck with me since and rang especially true when I started teaching. My 1st class didn't know what to expect, they were there to absorb what I had to share. So in all, anyone I stand before or meet with may have an idea of what's about to go down but there is never a script of it's exact nature. Thank you Dr. Venus for everything you do! XOXO

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