One of the things I had to face as I moved from six-figures to my first million was the need for capital.

Defy Impossible, Inc. is a cash-based business. We’ve never had a business loan. We are not a certified minority-owned business and we don’t have any angel investors. In truth, I have been very proud that we never had to go with our “hand out” begging for money. I became an entrepreneur to make my mark and make a difference—not to pay high interest rates or answer to someone because they could front cash.

Looking back, I can see that had I had working capital for things like hiring full time-staff or paying for proven marketing or buying furniture for our home-based business, I would not have had to work so hard.

Historically, Black People have been preyed upon by lenders, redlined for home loans, and over-looked by White venture capitalists. We haven’t always been taught how to pitch so that we could secure the first round of investment money from family and friends. Most of us have been the funding source for family members in need. The idea of asking them for money to “invest” in our business dream seemed ludicrous.

Sound familiar, sis?

In truth, my pride in being a cash-based business is a historical cultural wound of being turned down, preyed upon, and exploited by lending institutions, government bureaucracy, and just good old fashion systemic racism.

Global Leaders Organization (GLO) is not that past.

GLO provides a syndicated network of sponsored, associated, and affiliated investment portals where GLO members have access to raising debt and equity financing in order to leverage and scale to the 7-figure mark and beyond. This is a new model in the ENTIRE marketplace where we don’t have to be afraid of the gatekeepers that have shunned and punished us in the past. With GLO, we have direct access to funding sources that WE get to vet. WE get to watch them, learn from them and develop a trust that historically is unprecedented in the marketplace—maybe even in human history worldwide.

Go explore and see if it feels like it’s a fit for you, especially if you are at that painful growth edge where (interest free?) capital would allow you to leverage and scale to 7-figures, with ease. There are some qualifications to be eligible to join (GLO is for established and profitable business instead of early stage start-ups.) They have a 30-day free trial that lets you check it out risk free.

I love you, sis. Perhaps it’s time to heal the historical wounds that make some of us deeply distrust of lending institutions or the “country-club” exclusivity of venture capital culture. GLO is a new platform. It’s a new day. Perhaps it’s the right season to trust a new opportunity.

Let me hear from you…

With all the love my heart can hold…

Dr. Venus

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  1. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Victran Rawls</a>

    This Global Leaders Organization sounds like a vehicle to look into!
  2. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Felicia</a>

    Great information. Although my business has been profitable, lenders still took advantage and took more than they should have. I then started using my own funding. However, leverging is how you build wealth quickly so I am glad you found an ethical company.
  3. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Angelique Mills</a>

    Dr.Reese, I have had to struggle to make ends meet, take jobs to support my business because I don't want to have to owe anyone anymore than I absolutely have to. Then having to live off the business and not really being able to reinvest back into it. 'Hair Zeal' is finally taking root after 5years but the struggle is real! I'm giving the benefit of doubt and hoping I'm not responding to some robot or some automated machine. I find it interesting that you use the word 'TRUST' , it really is the hardest thing to do! #In it to Win It!
    • Dr. Venus

      Hi Angelique, Thank you for trusting that I am not an automated machine!LOL Nope. I still respond to my blog. You are my tribe and I want to be there for you... There will come a time when I will have to release responding personally to each comment on my blog, and my intention is to have a real person or real people respond instead of a machine. With all that being said, thank you for staying the course for 5 years!!! I am SO proud of you. Most businesses fail in the first 3 years. I failed my first two years until I invested in mentors and coach in sales and marketing in our 3rd year of business. It took to year 5 to break our 1st million and another 2 gross $4m. My point is this: you are right on course. Identify what's the biggest challenge you have in your business and invest in an expert to either do it or learn how to do it. For me, it was copywriting. My business is internet-based. Copy that converts is required. a proven direct response copywriter who has a proven track record in writing email marketing campaigns, sales pages, opt-in pages, and social media marketing content starts off at $15k-$25k. I didn't have it. I was still teaching at University at the time. So I a professor, I knew I could write. I was an award-winning poet and playwright. So I asked how much would I have to pay (aka invest in myself) to learn how to do it. $7k--one $1k for 7 months. I could do that. I invested. That one investment has been the BIGGEST return investment of my entrepreneurial career. My copy sounds like me, I messaging is clear and I get direct feedback from my tribe about what they need from me (aka market research.) Here's my question: have you invested in yourself and your business through experts that will make your entrepreneurial walk a joy ride instead of a struggle? Your pride about debt sounds like a wound to me. White people do not call investing in their business a debt or a cost. We do. If the investment will pay for itself and you will (eventually) turn a profit, why would you NOT? "Owning people back" is the wound you need to heal in order to have your business flourish. I love you Sis. And I am proud of you. Go on heal whatever happened that has you not trust people or owing other and your business will take off like a rocket! I hope this helps... With all the love my heart can hold... Dr. Venus
  4. Jamillah

    Dr. Venus...How are u? I am attending your tour when you come to L.A. I am a beginner entrepreneur, that doesn’t even know where to start. I am a U.S. Navy veteran, who believes becoming an entrepreneur is for me.
    • Dr. Venus

      Hi Jamillah, Thank you for your service! I served in the USCG Reserve. #gocostie I am well--and I am excited to see you in LA!! Yay!! Dr. V

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