My former spouse and I settled our divorce yesterday. 



There are details and final paperwork—but it’s done. I am no longer married. 



I also had to let go of amazing people. I am retiring Defy Impossible. When I said it was the end of an era, I meant it. 



I am starting over.



Not from the ground up.






On the shoulders of over 35 years of defying impossible and breathing fire. I mourn the loss—but I do not suffer. ALL of this death, this pain, this loss is an answered prayer.



And I don’t doubt God.



I refuse to do business the way I did ever again. 

I refuse to live my life half-ass or hidden— in any way, shape or form. I REFUSE to self-sacrifice my dreams, fulfillment, eroticism, and joy for other people—ever again. 



I can hear the call…



The world needs to hear my Word.

My voice. 

My wisdom.



So I’m choosing to trust God.



I’m not going to teach any more.



I’m going to focus ALL of my energy on being an artist. As a paid speaker, writer, and performer.



Be clear. 



My cash flow is low.

I don’t have a offer to sell.

I’m not touring.

And I’ve cut my team from 19 to 3.

I don’t have new money coming in.



I have walked away from it all.



In a very real way: I have burnt all the boats to walk into my destiny.



And I am unafraid.



I trust God.

I trust me.

I trust life.



So get ready world…



… I got some shit to say.



Dr. Venus 



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  1. Kristen Champ

    I applaud your strength. Continue to follow the holy spirit. I pray the will of God over your life. Be blessed....
  2. Ruthie M Lucas

    We know life is full of bumps and bruises, but we also know you are a fighter. In the words of John Maxwell, sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. With the knowledge and skills you have, you will build again. Wishing you continued success.
  3. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Jae</a>

    It is powerful and courageous to be the one and only you. I have moments when I feel that kind of power, deep connection to God, open as a channel to be the fullness of what God has given me this life to be. How powerful to vulnerably and openly share and show the way.
  4. Bettye Williams

    You have opened the cage door for me, now I have to go and open the cage for another! Blessings on this leg of your journey, we will meet in our passings! Thank you for your courage to take the step! I love the freedom in your spirit!
  5. Denishea Williams

    Has as to this whole statement! I am in a new season and I am taking in the energy and pushing toward my destiny.
  6. Denishea Williams

    Yas to this whole statement! I am in a new season and I am taking in the energy and pushing toward my destiny.
  7. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Subbora Jackson</a>

    Thank you for trusting your new/ continued journey..As an artist I know its important to be authenticly fulfilled.
  8. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Lisa Ealy</a>

    I can not wait! I am getting my popcorn and red wine it is going to be amazing!! Keep Daring 2 DREAM!!
  9. Tenaj Ready

    Your strength is strengthening! I too am in a different season. Starting a new life have anew determination. I will have a degree in 2 yrs. I will also be 60yrs old. I refuse to live my life half-ass or hidden. Ditto I trust Jehovah God I have full faith in the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ. I can and I will with the Holy spirit. With the prayers and energy of others in their own fights. I am determined and prepared to put in the work
  10. <a href='http://www,' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>nikki smith</a>

    Wow. It's amazing that there are so many people going through the same thing. I'm also going through a divorce. Mine is not final yet but soon my dear. I'm happy for you if you are happy. From the sound of your blog, it does seem you are content, if not happy right now. I'm sure you are on your way to happy. Any who, I wish you the best
  11. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Yalonda S Smith</a>

    Wow. That was a mouthful. Right there with you. Literally. God brought me to San Diego 7 days ago. Starting over from scratch. Thank you for the inspiration and sharing your journey.
  12. Tesha Carheel

    I love you Sis. for being real and I appreciate your testimony! Continue, do great things, and create great memories!
  13. Qween Goddesz Asante

    I love and admire your raw and realness. It's liberating. I was telling a brother yesterday that I'm tired of the plastics and plastic lifestyle (filtered). I know what I'm supposed to do but I'm waiting on God and the ancestors clarification. To people it looks like I ain't doing shit but to my ancestors and God they know exactly what I'm doing or gonna do. You walking your truth helps me walk mine. Thank you always.. Your 🐉dragon 🦋butterfly friend
  14. Lorna

    We are now being called to level up in this season. God is doing a new thing. No longer slaves to society, evil thinking and patterns. I have started over many times and about to do so again. #nofearinlove
  15. Aisha

    I'm a too excited to hear what's next from you!!! I hate that I never got the chance to experience your workshops in the past but will make it my business to see you in the future, Many blessings to you :)
  16. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Johnetta</a>

    Allgood greetings Dr. Venus. A quick note to let you know how much I appreciate participating on the Thursday Zoom session, enjoyed seeing & hearing your Real & Raw transformation & the breathe fire group. Also, I too like the title Truth Tour best for your Audacity of Authenticity brand. BTW, eye believe eye now know what attracted me to your style. #asiseeit you seemed to have a level of Christ Consciousness like 👁️ had never seen in all my years of observing/studying business, finance & marketing. God willing eye will have the opportunity to grow our mission thru future outreach. Blessings. I see you vibrating money, awesome & erotic. Johnetta aka Divine Love Dragon 🔥💞🐉 #inspiringfun
  17. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Peter</a>

    I'm reminded of a provocation given to me: "What in you has to die to be born through the ashes?" You are a gift Dr. V. In any form you choose. Can't wait to see what is created from the unknown.
  18. Tiana Townsell

    Wow, so many changes over the last few years. I have been watching. It will be exciting to see what comes next for you. Btw, welcome to the west coast.

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