I’m excited. 

And a bit nervous. 

Everyone knows me as Doctor Venus, the Millionaire Mentor. And if you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve been struggling with what to call myself, ever since the emergency hysterectomy turned my world upside down. 

I’m starting fresh. I’m starting new. I’m starting from a whole different place.

I’m starting over. 

I have a new brand—a new direction. An evolved direction. Dr. Venus Opal Reese. I had thought I was going to go with just VenusOpal, but I want my new brand to encompass ALL of me. 

The “Dr.” represents Stanford—Nanna chided me for wanting to leave it out. She questioned why I was so committed to honoring the street in me but so willing to eradicate my 13 years of education represented in my Ph.D. from Stanford. #mouthonfloor I had no words. So, “Dr.” stays.

“Reese” is my birth mother’s maiden name. Momma named me “Venus Opal” after my zodiac sign, Libra. In astrology, Venus is a planet that rules our love style. Opal is the birthstone. It’s taken decades to grow into the fullness and beauty of my name. I was named after a brilliant, bright star in the sky. My middle name is a precious jewel. Maybe Momma knew all along that I had a destiny that wanted me … #iloveyoumomma. 

I think my daddy would have liked me. I also think he would have loved my name … Momma named me while there was still love present between them. At least, that’s what my heart says. So my full name includes all of me: the streets and the Stanford; the pain and the protection; the hurt and the hope. #iammyfathersdaughter

God is faithful. I feel in my heart that He is moving me into marketplace ministry. Not that I’m a minister—I talk too much shit for that! But just like the civil rights movement was a ministry, my work ministers. It has everything to do with speaking your truth … breathing your fire.

It has everything to do with healing. Healing your self-hate wound. Healing the mama wound, the daddy wound. Once you deal with your wounds, you can manifest. And when you create the sufficient conditions to manifest, what arises is your destiny. 

And I trust that THIS is what I’m supposed to do. (If it wasn’t, all the pieces wouldn’t have landed where they have.) I trust and know that everything is working in my favor for my greatest good in the most magnificent way beyond anything I could ever ask for. I get to just trust that.

What I’m being with is sharing that process. Not just with my Facebook family, not just with my tribe … but with the masses. 

So why am I nervous? Well, because everyone knows me for millions, not manifesting. 

Yes, I might be a LITTLE bit of a punka$s here!

Because I’m shifting, y’all. 

This is going from business development to personal development to spiritual growth. Or maybe it’s always been all three and the order is just shifting. Be that as it may, I’m doing God’s work now. I’ve come out of the spiritual closet as a subversive Christian. And it makes me a little emotional!

This is my first time going into the industry, living out loud. I’m being my FULL self—not my “perfected” self. 

I’m rebuilding, here. And it’s going to take some time. Nothing is immediate, and I don’t expect anything overnight. I don’t have anything ready. I don’t have an offer yet (although I’m working on something SO HOT, SO POWERFUL, I can’t wait to share it with you!).

But you have to start with people. And that’s what I’m doing—making business friends with the heavy hitters in this industry.

And even though it is a little nerve wracking, I’m reminding myself of all the reasons I have to be proud of me. 

I’m proud of me for getting back up. For trusting. For healing. For going to yoga. For reading a piece I wrote at a Spoken Word event. For being an artist. (I AM an artist.) 

I’m setting my intention: 

I’m walking into love. I’m walking into acceptance. I’m walking into appreciation. I’m walking into joy. I’m walking into friendships. I’m walking into family. 

I’m growing and evolving, and it is all in perfect time. 

Most of all, I’m thanking God for my magnificent life as I give myself permission to be my WHOLE self. Nothing hidden. No shame. Really walking in the audacity of authenticity. 

And that’s more than enough.

I am more than enough … just as I am …


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  1. Karen R Stover

    Ok first off you know how I start my words to you.. I love you!!! 2. You just spoke to my heart as I am discovering who I am and the problem God created me to solve in this world I just realized after reading this. I am honoring and holding on tight to who I have been because of my fear of who I will become. I am giving so much honor to the old woman, the trifling woman, the lying woman more than taking those as ways to recognize me in others so that I can influence them to do better because I did it! you did it! so can others. Thank you for MINISTERING to me this morning. You are a minister with a powerful ministry and whenever you say Yes to God there comes revelations, inspirations and fear but it's a good fear because it's the reverance fear that God honors. Thank you again for being in my life. I am not s six figure or seven figure earner I am barely scratching the surface of my calling but you ate helping me..... THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRANSPARENCY!
  2. Karen B.

    Thank you so much for sharing your Journey with your tribe! You give me hope and inspiration and I appreciate the Raw and Real series...working on a new path as well!! Keep moving forward...You are enough!!
  3. <a href='http://www.numbersenlighten.com' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>LaVerne Baker Hotep</a>

    My Sister, Dr. Venus Opal Reese! How power-full this name change! I would love to gift you with a Numerological blueprint of this name as a affirmation of the Divine timing and purpose. We would compare the old to the new... it would be so insightful and inspirational. Not to mention...mind-blowing!! Your Mother had it right. What say you?
  4. Venus Young

    God bless you for sharing your testimony. I may not read all of my emails but today I opened yours. God doesn't make any mistakes, God is taking me through the same journey of healing and really coming into the meaning of my name, Venus. I've always been told the meaning whenever I tell someone my name, the goddess of love and beauty, the brightest star. In my head I would say, I don't feel anything of the sort. I've been dealing with childhood pain carried on into adult pain, self-hatred which caused self inflicted pain. I'm 42 and just recently the light came on. It's been a rough journey and it's a process so I thank God for his Angel's on earth that share their testimonies not realizing who needs to hear it, just knowing that someone does. I know I have a purpose and he is getting me ready for my breakthrough. To God be the glory!🙏 Thank you Jesus! Many blessings to you, Miss Venus Opal.
  5. <a href='https://conflictnavigator.com' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Joan McLeod</a>

    Sooooo, here is something I adore about this and you: acknowledgement. It’s powerful. I’m a Navigator. Yep. I drove and could drive seagoing big ships 🚢. When under the dark sky out on the ocean, the celestial bodies are powerfully observant and stable guides - the natural ones are referred to less often with GPS, but still, the satellites are just versions of the stars and planets we’ve relied on for centuries. Here’s the thing...I still look up at the sky 🌌 even though now I am a more disruptive Navigator 🤩. And just like back then, the ones I love a refer to most aren’t the stars, but the planets. When you see a planet, which you often can even in the glare of our lives today, you’re seeing the reflection of the sun. And the light doesn’t flicker. It’s stable even as the light comes and goes: and ‘there’ far more than the star lights that come and go. So much easier to see where they are...planets are rocks. They can’t, in their essence, burn out. The are starlit, not star light. The sun ☀️ sees you. And you help us see where we are ourselves. No matter the world within or out, you, Venus aren’t a star...you are as rock, street, sun-starlit-solid because...you’re so much better for our seeing from where we really are: you, rockstar...are a planet.
  6. Constance

    Truth be told we will follow VenusOpal as well as Dr. Venus Opal because you keep it the way we like it raw. I am grateful that your need to minister is being born. Your gift is you have the ability to move and inspire. Sometimes a good cussing out inspires folks. I am poetic with my cursing and I am one day going to live out loud as the colors I wear. I am comedic I've been told so my true authentic self wants to do stand up. Right now nursing pays the bills. Keep doing what you do and we'll keep loving on you.❤️
  7. <a href='http://wellnesswithritha.com' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Ritha</a>

    Yes yes, Dr Venus Opal Reese sounds good:). . I didn't finish my dissertation Work I let life get in the way. Your crown has already been bought and paid for all you have to do is wear. You are even motivating when you are going through a storm. Thank you so much for all that you do :) Hoping that I see You when I visit San Diego again :)
  8. Paula

    My funky lightbulb just showed me that intials DVOR ..has a linguistic sound like " DEVOUR"..consume ravish voracious Hmmmm. God ravish me.
  9. <a href='http://www.turnsofphrase.com' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Obinna Morton</a>

    Thanks Dr. Venus Opal Reese. I can really hear and feel your words from the computer screen. Congratulations on your new journey. I am one of the masses but hope to be one of the tribe soon. Thanks. -Obinna Morton
  10. Karen Stover

    I have no idea how my original post did not get posted but in any event.. My first and always response to you is "I love you" now onto my response. This post spoke to my heart actually it was a dagger that hit me but in a good way. When you wrote this "She questioned why I was so committed to honoring the street in me but so willing to eradicate my 13 years of education represented in my Ph.D. from Stanford." I almost jumped out of my skin!!! I realized that is exactly what I have been doing. I have been honoring the street girl in me, the little girl that was wounded and hurt because I felt as though that if no one else honored her I was going to do it and do it well. But I am no longer that wounded little girl, that street girl. I have been afraid of letting her go and holding on tight because if I be honest I am afraid of the woman I am becoming and the power she possess. I can feel my eyes well up as I think about that woman. Thank you for your honesty, your transparency. Honey yes you are a MINISTER and you have an amazing MINISTRY and you just MINISTERED to my heart. I am not in the 6 figure or 7 figure status yet mainly because of fear but I have been putting my feet in the water to discover where God is placing me on the track of life. Again thank you. I know your journey has not been easy (even though you make it look easy) and I honor your ability to live your life in all of its colors in front of people. Thanks Karen

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