Let’s face it: success can be lonely.

One of the things I have been longing for is a peer group that could feed me and provide a safe space for me to be heard, seen, and loved.

So I invested in myself by working with my scaling mentor, Lisa Cherney, and a peer group of BEAST-MODE bo$$e$!

LC is woo-woo on steroids, and a marketing/growth/scaling genius. She was the one who showed me how we can do $11 million in 2018, which is completely beyond ANYTHING I could have seen on my own. It’s also why I want to take a moment to share with you my own story about the healing power of great mentorship.

A GOOD mentor will speak ONLY to your bigness, and hold space for it. She will provide insight, strategy, and elbow grease to help you excel beyond the current vision you have for yourself.

A GREAT mentor will also connect you with extraordinary peers. You’ll come together to feed one another, each contributing their particular genius. Case in point: in my peer group, we each had a “hot seat” opportunity. I wanted help in optimizing my upcoming year and the network, so I can transition from social media to mass media. LC suggested that, instead of using the time to strategize how to network, why not let each person in the room say how she could contribute to me directly?

As each person spoke, new worlds opened for me! I’m now seriously considering producing and hosting a podcast, doing a book tour, applying to be on Trevor Noah’s Show, AND applying for Oprah’s entrepreneur’s contest!

My biggest takeaway from working with my mentor was the work we did with Angel cards. I kept pulling cards around forgiveness, letting go of the past, and accepting life on life’s term. I didn’t realize how hurt and enraged I have been about my book deal and TV show falling through. I have been carrying it. I blamed “whiteness.” I felt like each time I was on the cusp of breaking through, something would go wrong. I would do or say something … or it was something I didn’t say or do, or because I cursed or didn’t curse, or because of how I would stand, or something—White Privilege would tell me “no.” And I would feel powerless, disposable, silenced.

Well, in one weekend, in the loving arms of women—the majority of whom were white—something in my heart released. LC is a White woman who loves me. She is not trippin’ when I curse or about my commitment to Black Women. She sees my genius and stokes it. But she wasn’t the only one. One of the most impactful contributions I received came from a pint-size powerhouse, Jennifer. She suggested that there may be a space between where I am and where I want to be. That suggestion opened the floodgate to new ways to get my message out, and for being myself that could leverage me up to stardom. (She also SPECIALIZES in developing high-producing sales teams—LOVE it! AND, she laughed at my jokes!)

My point is this: God may use the very thing that you feel has hurt you to elevate and heal you.

So I give thanks.

I’m even inspired to do a talk: “Money Wounds: Healing Historical & Cultural Hurts That Keep Women—WORLDWIDE—From Millionaire Status.” We will see. But I feeling excited again about trying.

I am very grateful for LC and all the mentors I have invested in myself through their wisdom. I thank God for ordering my steps to LC. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I needed her: a spirit-led, White Woman Millionaire Mentor who celebrates my wife, and who empowers my leadership, so I can believe again. Dream again. Hope again. And try.

A great mentor will do more than help you monetize, grow, or scale your business.

A great mentor will empower you to evolve.

Thank you LC for being that for me.

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  1. Pamela "Adisa"

    I love this! I am well aware of the 'isms and intersectionality ( I teach this). However, there is a space called conscientization where you are aware, but you don't let that stop you. Many of my opportunities have come from unexpected vessels. I am open to abundance and wisdom from wherever! You always speak to my soul!! You are a true 'soul sister'!
    • Dr. Venus

      Hi Pamela--my 'soul sister'!!, Thanks you for this!I have not heard of "conscientization." Thank you for teaching me. :-) Dr. V

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