Last week, I met about 150 of my sisters in my delicious Dallas, TX for The Black Woman Millionaire Transformational Experience™.

And let me just say … I nailed that name, y’all!!! Because it WAS transformational. Deeply, beautifully transformational.

And I’m just gonna say it, girl … I looked AMAZING!! I am rebranding—I’m creating a sufficient condition to move from the Internet to entertainment! This is MY transformation.




To my tribe: I love your spirit. I love your commitment to living a life without limits. I love your courage, passion, grace, and compassion. I love the bigness and beauty of your heart.

But what I absolutely adore most about you is your commitment to living your truth, and to fulfilling your destiny.

As Black Women, the biggest block to our growth and success is getting help and letting ourselves be supported. It is humbling. Not just with our business—but with our bodies, with our mental wellness, and with our emotional nurturing.

So THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for choosing me to be your biggest champion … your greatest supporter … and your Millionaire Mentor™. It is an honor. YOU are why I do what I do.

And thank you for understanding that no one becomes a Black Woman Millionaire™ alone.

You need guidance and mentoring. Support. Community. A team. Networking. Proven strategic partnerships.

Strategy: Renew your focus on nurturing those relationships. (Hopefully, if you were at the Transformational Experience with us, you’re doing this right now—nurturing the relationships you’ve just started!)

Because relationships—partnerships—will help you build revenue even more effortlessly – and become truly independent through your financial freedom! #holla!!!

Action: Which three to five people can you connect deeply with and serve as your Sisters’ Keeper? Reach out to them and invite them to do something FUN with you (i.e., paint ball war, spa day, etc.), and strategize how you can partner and support each other monetarily in the next year. Then, enjoy watching how easy it becomes to make money when you have strategic partners who are also business friends!

With all the love my heart can hold…

Dr. Venus

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  1. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Bennetta Bradford</a>

    Are you coming to the Cleveland, OH area?
  2. Qiana DuBose

    Dr. V I thank you for the bottom of my heart and all of my being for creating a community of this magnitude for us sisters and the men that love us because it has allowed us to form relationships with women that we wouldn't have ever been able to touch or connect with to develop relationships as beautiful as the ones that have been created that means so much to me and I wouldn't have ever met these beauties if it wasn't for you.
  3. Barbara Hall

    I have spoken to so many many who are still as you say, "Letting it wash." It is impossible to find words to articulate all that we experiwnced from start to finish this weekend. It was knowledge, discovery, enlightenment, self-discovery, transformation and LOVE. It was a really kinda sacred thing really. The relationships we formed will last a lifetime. I don't know if you know the depth and breadth of what you were used to do... generations HAVE been altered (just as you have prayed). Thank you Dr. Venus and God bless you.
    • Dr. Venus

      Dear Barbara, THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME LOVE YOU!!! It is a sacred trust I don't take lightly. Sincerely, Dr. Venus
  4. Karen Bragg

    Thanks Dr. V for your leadership and wisdom! You looked amazing in your fancy dresses💃🏽! You are definitely ready for Entertainment!!
  5. Denise

    Dr V it was truly my pleasure and yes you looked absolutely fabulous! We all loved your new look, the new team and new format. The men around you were supportive snd adoring as well. Loved the upbeat atmosphere. So many beautiful open hearts. The Angel walk was the highlight for me. Your message was uplifting, miss it and miss you and the BWM ladies! Will be looking forward to having you here in California, close by, and watching for your seeing you make Hollywood debut! Much love, Denise
  6. Akamilah

    Greetings! Looks like an amazing experience that I would've love to be a part of! I hope to experience it soon! Again, the subject matter is a complete home-runner!!!! Thank you for everything you do XOXOXO!!!!!!

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