I am fully stepping into my destiny.

And as I reflect on the journey, if there is one thing I can say that would be useful to YOU right now, it’s this: realize your worth.

The world needs you to be who you were uniquely crafted by life to be.

You are special, and you have something beautiful—something completely distinct and precious—to give to the world.


Don’t be afraid to leverage your worth. There are people on the planet praying for what only you can bring. And they will pay you top dollar for that blessing.

It is absolutely ok to be paid well for what you bring to the table while you serve!

When you open your heart to receive the abundance of God in all its forms, including money, you are opening your heart to receive God’s love.

And know this: God did not put you on the planet to toil and work yourself to death.

Like I explained in my last post …

… money is energy, not effort.

It’s an energetic exchange.

And as that, it must flow, so it grows and nurtures.

As far as I am concerned, you are sitting on a gold mine. I call it your Million-Dollar Moneymaker. And that Moneymaker is NOT your talents, gifts, skills, experience, work ethic—no, none of those things. All of those aspects of you will serve your Million-Dollar Moneymaker, but they are not it.

Your Million Dollar Moneymaker is located in “your mess.” It was forged in life’s fire when life broke your heart.

Which is why, if you want to move from effort to energy in service of manifesting your seven-figure future, you have to heal your heart.

It’s non-negotiable.

You HAVE to heal your heart.

You see, we all have wounds.

No matter your race, religion, beliefs, politics … we have ALL been hurt, and we ALL have scars.

The problem is that those scars often become blocks—energetic blocks—that keep you from experiencing an abundant, happy life on your own terms.

They keep you from reaching seven figures.

Maybe your wounds are physical—something related to your body. Maybe they’re generational—reflecting your history and ancestry. Maybe they’re relationship-based—your daddy left when you were five, and you have trust issues. Maybe your marriage failed, so you beat yourself up emotionally. Maybe your business partner betrayed you and took everything you had. Maybe you feel like money is your enemy, because you grew up poor.

No matter what they are, ALL of your wounds impact how you show up in the world. They influence you on a deep, energetic level, and affect everything from your personal relationships (with yourself AND with others), to your confidence, to your performance … which shapes your effectiveness in your business … which affects your money.

See how all of those things tie together?

Here’s the thing: the longer you ignore your wounds, the longer they will keep you from an abundant life.

So, what do you do?

You heal. That is Step 1 in my Million-Dollar Moneymaker Five-Step Formula.

#realtalk: healing is NOT about “fixing” anything. It’s about truly tending to the places in yourself that you have disavowed.

Energetically, healing makes room for wealth.

The more I heal, the more money, abundance, prosperity, joy, and bounty rush to me.

Healing my body—creates the energy and wherewithal for wealth.

Healing my heart—allows me to me appreciate how rich I am.

Healing my soul—lets me be a vessel for God.

Healing is a GIFT you give yourself. Just like forgiveness sets you free from the pain of the past, healing allows for a new future that cannot bloom in barren sands.

I’ll talk more about healing on my brand-new FREE training next week, and I’d LOVE for you to join me.

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