1. Closed a $1.7 million investment deal.

    Since working with Dr. V. . . I’ve closed a $1.7 million investment deal and finished 3 triathlons. Since working with Dr. V. as an executive coach and business consultant, I have transformed the outcomes. I am creating and fashioning a life I love. This new life is characterized by effectiveness with myself and my experience of my life as well as having much more influence with circumstances an…Read More

    Tommy Glenn, CEO, Essentia Financial, Dallas, TX
  2. Dr. Venus Opal Reese rocked my world!

    Dr. Venus Opal Reese rocked my world from the moment I met her! Her passion for helping others is apparent and her presentation for my audience was filled with rich and relevant content you can put into practice right away. I have no doubt many lives will be transformed by Venus’ amazing story and step-by-step system.…Read More

    Michele DeKinder-Smith, Founder and CEO, Jane Out of the Box, Inc.
  3. Increased my business 30%.

    I haven’t been to school in 20 years. Through my work with Dr. Venus, I started a graduate degree program where I have a 4.0 and increased my business 30% in a down economy. Through the work I’ve done with Dr. Venus O. Reese, I created my own life and my own identity separate from my past and what other people wanted me to be. I’m confident and know my unique value that I bring to the table.…Read More

    Tammy Blodgett, Dallas, TX
  4. An explosion of immediate and unbelievable results occurred!

    I went from being a successful but lonely career woman to marrying my amazing husband and having my precious baby boy—all in one year! All of my life, I’ve had people who love me and who want me to win around me. But it wasn’t until I trained with Dr. Venus Opal Reese that I could experience their love... or even recognize it! The most crucial piece in me recognizing and receiving their love…Read More

    Chaliese Rippey Drum, Owner of Chaliese Consulting, Inc.
  5. My work with Dr. Venus saved my life.

    My work with Dr. Venus saved my life. I know it seems stark and dramatic, but it’s true. I couldn’t stop the drumbeat of “I messed up again,” “I’m not important,” “I don’t matter,” “I’m not good enough,” or “If only I would.” I kept telling myself, “If only I could—then I would be happy.” Somewhere along the line Dr. Venus taught me that the truth mattered, that…Read More

    Shana Bursi, COO, Essentia Financial Services
  6. Your life will not be the same!

    Dr. Venus is innovative and amazing. If the opportunity to work or spend time together occurs—jump on it. Your life will not be the same! Dr. Venus moves things. Whatever was slow or stuck, she moves—with grace and integrity. . . Venus touches peoples’ heart, they find their inspiration, move past their resentment or fear, and move toward new possibilities with velocity.…Read More

    Scott Conard, MD
  7. Immediate results.

    Dr. Venus worked with me to create not only immediate results, but also a sustained growth path to the executive ranks. I have been a client of Dr. Venus Opal Reese through her consulting and her programs. The impact that her programs have had on my life and my family’s life is amazing. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to take their lives to a higher level than where they are now to con…Read More

    Matthew Blodgett, Director of Sales and Marketing, Stranix Company
  8. Dr. Venus helped me create a written declaration of who I am.

    Dr. Venus helped me create a written declaration of who I am and what I stand for. Before working with Dr. Venus, I struggled with my personal relationships because I hadn’t clearly defined what was important to me. . . Dr. Venus helped me create a written declaration of who I am and what I stand for. . . It has empowered me to live the life I want. My relationships have flourished since declari…Read More

    Jason B. Cope DDS, PhD
  9. Our company’s stakeholders are thriving.

    Our company’s stakeholders are thriving, and from the financial perspective, we’ve never been more profitable. Dr. Venus’ tools around self-worth and me being my own biggest champion have helped me shine in my business, my relationships, and my community. My employees share their perspectives with me and fondly let the world know that I inspire them as their leader. On a personal note, my re…Read More

    Luke Sweetser, Chief Executive Officer, Helios Insurance Group
  10. You must experience Dr. Venus Opal Reese!

    Since I completed the Street Smarts program, I lost 35 lbs and over 28 inches AND landed my dream job! With the pounds shedding, my self-worth was skyrocketing and the anxious feelings were replaced with a sense of peacefulness. To top it off, I landed my dream job as the top HR leader for an oil & gas company after being in transition for 10 months! Isn’t it funny how when you fix the insid…Read More

    Katy McKay, HR Executive, Dallas