1. Dr. Venus is a master trainer who actually delivers.

    Dr. Venus is a master trainer who actually delivers. Her incredible insight, wisdom, and brilliance makes her one of the best and brightest in Black America today. I am picky. It normally takes a speaker up to 3–5 years to get on the PowerNetworking stage. Dr. Venus did it in three months. This sister knows what she is talking about and she consistently produces incredible results. She is seriou…Read More

    George C. Fraser, CEO, FraserNet, Inc.
  2. Thank you, Dr. Venus.

    Thank you, Dr. Venus, for making our business stronger and 50% more profitable! Working with Dr. Venus Opal Reese raised our consulting business to the next level. We knew we were undervaluing our work but didn’t know how to ask for more. Dr. Venus helped us separate self-esteem from self-worth and made us recognize and explode the emotional barriers holding us back. Billing became a customer se…Read More

    Seraphina Uludong, Cabral Consulting, Oakland, CA
  3. She is so extraordinary and powerful.

    I couldn’t hold back my tears of joy and triumph—she is so extraordinary and powerful.…Read More

    Kym Yancey, Co-Founder and President, eWomenNetwork
  4. Genuinely proud of who I am.

    Since I completed Street Smarts for CEOs I was INVITED to do a TED talk! I have learned how to embrace all of who I am and become genuinely proud of who I am. Dr. Venus Opal Reese has been a gift to my life . . . I have learned how to break through my self-imposed limitations . . . By practicing her tools, I have been able to advance in my job, lead projects more effectively, and create a passiona…Read More

    Dr. Roni Ellington, STEM Education Consultant, Baltimore, MD
  5. HUGE profits!

    Dr. Venus has taken the pain of her past and turned it into HUGE profits! I consider Dr. Venus the “Queen of Self-Esteem.” Coming from humble beginnings, she has taken the pain of her past and turned it into HUGE profits. I’ve had the privilege of watching her produce unprecedented results over and over again. This woman knows how to make it happen in a big and impressive way!…Read More

    Lisa Sasevich, “The Queen of Sales Conversion,” www.LisaSasevich.com
  6. I did it!

    I did it! I practiced my ‘giving’ story today with my seminar group and sold 50% of my products before lunch. Yay!!!…Read More

    Tarsha Polk, CEO ,The Marketing Lady, Dallas, TX
  7. Money-making strategies.

    Dr. Venus helps you unleash the money-making strategies you didn’t even know you had within you! Dr. Venus has helped me overcome a multitude of obstacles, especially those I constructed for myself. Bottom line, Kobe plus Zen Master equaled 5 NBA Championship Rings. If you are playing a big game in life, who is your coach? If it ain’t Dr. Venus, your game ain’t big enough. If you want an int…Read More

    Harlan Gaston, CEO, Seedplay, San Francisco CA, www.seedplay.com
  8. Useful alternatives that liberate my spirit.

    Now, I have the skill set to slow down and create useful alternatives that liberate my spirit and create new pathways for new actions. One of the ways I survive is to retreat and withdraw from others when I feel threatened. Taking myself out of the game has cost me several personal and professional relationships. Dr. Venus’ Net-worth Through Self-worth Blueprint made me realize the reality of su…Read More

    Kim Jackson, MA, Associate Professor of Dance and Humanities
  9. You will walk away changed.

    I’ve known the Defy the Impossible expert, Dr. Venus Opal Reese, for years, and I’m still learning new ways to improve and monetize my brand. She has an amazing ability of seeing your greatness and helping you move (often) self-imposed obstacles so that your greatness can be revealed to the world. Her workshops and webinars are always relatable and full of value. You will walk away changed. I …Read More

    Nikki Woods, Senior Producer, The Tom Joyner Morning Show
  10. Working with Dr. Venus catapulted my confidence.

    Working with Dr. Venus catapulted my confidence and gave me a new perspective of myself. I . . . created a new position for myself within the company. . . This move increased my income by 30%, a signing bonus and a company car. I worked for a manufacturing company as an accountant for over 20 years. I got to a place where I felt stuck and unfulfilled. . . I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Venus sp…Read More

    Curlie McCalla, Business Development Manager, Allanson International Inc. in Ontario, Canada