1. The Raw and Real Series: I’m Thinking of Shaving My Head

    I'm thinking about straight shaving my head. Just … skew it. Cut it off. I am. I am. I am. I am. Why not? What would it be like to be totally bald? To just get rid of it? What might it be like to do something as drastic to my hair as the doctors did to my body? Think about it: as women, we wrap a lot of our identity into our hair. Right? I mean, I LOVE my hair. But changing it now feels like a n…Read More

  2. The Raw and Real Series: My Mother’s Pain … or My Father’s Protection?

    So you know I’m deeply into personal development, right? As my body heals, I’m working on healing the rest of me, too. Last year, right before everything hit the fan with my emergency hysterectomy, some things came up for me around my father. Now, let me go back for a minute, since I know there’s new people coming to my blog now who are still getting to know me. First and foremost, I am stre…Read More

  3. The Raw and Real Series: Breathing Fire

    For the first time in a long time, today was a good day! I am SO in my feminine energy. I did my hair, and I love it! The outfit I wore was beautiful. (I mean, I looked GOOD, y’all.) My videographer came by so we could shoot some content videos, and it really gave me a boost. I got more flowers, chocolates, and love notes. One of my clients called me, and it was great clowning around with her. I…Read More

  4. The Raw and Real Series: Frustration (aka Pissed)

      I am so tired. I was SO excited to go to the gym today. I told myself I’d take it easy, and I thought (I really, really thought) I did. But without even doing much of anything, I seem to overdo it, and am exhausted again. I can’t even begin to explain how hard it is for me to balance my active brain with my slowly healing body that keeps me from DOING anything. I’m not the kind of per…Read More

  5. The Raw and Real Series: Grieving the Dream

    I don’t know how to refer to myself anymore. #realtalk: I don’t know my name. Can you imagine? If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’re probably used to me starting a Facebook live or online event with something like this: “Hi, I’m Dr. Venus Opal Reese—your Millionaire Mentor™.” But I don’t want to call myself “doctor,” anymore. I don’t feel the need to …Read More

  6. The Raw & Real Series: The Invitation

    In my last post, I talked about how I am done tolerating. (You can read it here.) Remember how I said I won’t f*$# with anyone who doesn’t raise my energetic frequency anymore? I want to share something with you today that takes this concept even further. It’s a poem I’ve loved my whole life. It’s called, “The Invitation,” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. It doesn't interest me what you do…Read More

  7. The Raw & Real Series: Tolerating

    Imagine for just a minute what it would look like if we could ALL stop doing sh$t under the auspice of being a “good” person. Think about it: How much do you tolerate? And what does your answer say about you? I can tell you what it’s shown me about myself. I don’t give a f*$# about me. I have been addicted to seeking approval. Comfort. Instead of my own freedom. It showed me how full of sh…Read More

  8. Stupidity of Survival: How It Kills of RIVERS Of Revenue (& How to Stop It!)

    This is embarrassing. But it’s true. I got my feelings hurt and killed off an ENTIRE revenue stream. I mean, BIG money. But because I was insulted and hurt, I stopped speaking live on other people’s stages. Here’s the stupidity of survival: my best conversion stats are ALL LIVE SPEAKING. For the first two years of me learning how to be an entrepreneur, I supplemented my meager university pay…Read More

  9. Sh!t’s Been Crazy, BUT the tide has turned…

    Sh!t’s been crazy!!!! Ever since last October, my business has been in breakdown. My survival had me hire people who were amazing human beings but were not built for a rapidly expanding business. By the time I figured it out, I had a tax bill for $50,000, I had lost potential revenue of $100,000, ALL of my systems broke down, and I became violently ill—on my anniversary. #wtf! I felt lost, emb…Read More