1. The Gift of a Great Mentor

    Let’s face it: success can be lonely. One of the things I have been longing for is a peer group that could feed me and provide a safe space for me to be heard, seen, and loved. So I invested in myself by working with my scaling mentor, Lisa Cherney, and a peer group of BEAST-MODE bo$$e$! LC is woo-woo on steroids, and a marketing/growth/scaling genius. She was the one who showed me how we can do…Read More

  2. Do You Pray for Your Business?

    Do you pray, sis? I do. All the time. Every day. I pray for my wife, for Nanna, for my family, my friends, my sisters, my team … I pray for guidance, personally and professionally, so I can make the difference I know I was born to make. I pray for YOU. And I pray for your business, as your vehicle for transforming lives. I pray for Defy Impossible, Inc.—MY vehicle for transforming lives, one s…Read More