1. It’s Time to Go Back to School—for a Different Kind of Education!

    #Realtalk: It’s time to get into the 21st century by upgrading your most valuable asset—YOU!!! It’s time for you to go back to school— a different kind of school. The kind that offers a different kind of education! It’s a new day! Globalization, the new economy, and the Internet have changed the face of education, along with the value we assign to it. The traditional education model for …Read More

  2. Want Success? Break Some Rules!

    Last week, we brought creativity back to your business! We covered how “doing it ‘right’” in order to be successful can actually hold you back, and how infusing your business with creativity can make ALL the difference. (You can read that post here.)   This week, let’s take a deeper look at that “core failure” wound we’ve been talking about … because sis, it’s DEEP!!! It’s H…Read More

  3. Counteracting Failure with Creativity

    Last week, we talked about failure. Specifically, about how failure is NOT an indication of your worth, but actually, a crucial part of the path to your seven-figure destiny. (You can read it here.) What we didn’t talk about was HOW we learn that we are failures—where that wound comes from. It’s a fair question. I think about my clients—smart, passionate, committed, beloved Type A personal…Read More

  4. REAL Independence Requires Financial Freedom

    We ALL want our independence. Right? But REAL independence requires financial freedom. So how the hell do we get there? To that place of true independence and freedom? Here’s my advice: You let go and let God. Money is a heart condition. You’ve GOT to let go of the control. When you have faith that God has your back—that God has a PLAN for you—you can trust the process, no matter what you…Read More

  5. No Relationship with God/NO $$$$

    As part of my tribe, you may have recently heard me talk about dissolving the distance between you and Spirit, to become a Black Woman Millionaire™. But what does that really mean, exactly?? It means you ARE God. God is you. #stickwithme If you really start to embody that you truly are God—then all that’s left is dissolving the distance between you and Spirit. It’s About Letting Spirit Mov…Read More

  6. You are God wrapped in flesh…

    I was thinking of you today. I want to give you something beautiful. I don’t know what that is. I don’t know what it looks like or tastes like. I thought about sharing a spoken-word piece I wrote when I was doing my dissertation at Stanford. I thought about including a monologue from my solo performance piece that went up off-Broadway. I want to give you something. Something beautiful. As powe…Read More

  7. When have You Given Your Power Away to An “Expert?”

    Do you doubt yourself and defer to others who look like they know more? Do you ever feel that no matter how hard you try--YOU'RE never enough? No matter how many victories, you still feel like you fell short? I owe you an apology. I feel like I have neglected you. Yes, I have been sending out emails--but they haven't been feeding you. Please forgive me. I made a mistake. I thought it I hired a 'pr…Read More