1. {Strategy} The #1 Secret to bringing in cash on demand…

    A few weeks back I did my Black Women Millionaires Live Luxury Experience. It was profound AND in some ways… heartbreaking. I realized Black Women at the level of Cultural Consciousness have quiet on our selves. There where sisters in the room who REFUSED to fill out an application to see if they qualified to work with me, because they decided, “I can’t afford it.” To not even look is a fo…Read More

  2. {Strategy} BREAKING NEWS!—You’ve gotta read this!

    Guess who just signed with a NY TIMES BEST-SELLER literary agency that only works with the top 1% of authors WORLDWIDE and specializes in closing 6- and 7 -figure book deals—ON HER BIRTHDAY!!! AND... Guess whose revised contract with the Discovery Channel was ACCEPTED and is down to the last revision before signing... ME!!! My birthday was WILD!!! All of this happened WHILE we moved into our man…Read More

  3. Hiring Black: Keeping it Real or Ruining Your Business?

    I am stunned. Shocked. Angry. Hurt. I want to cry and curse in the same breath. She quit. Right before my launch. Right when I needed her most. And she got shitty about it. The more understanding I was, the nastier she acted out. “Who do you think you are?” The meanness in the curl of her lips was painful. All I could do was hang up the phone and cry… As a CEO, I have gone out of my way to h…Read More

  4. The Power of Positioning

    It’s fall and I am no longer teaching at university. As you may know, I am a tenured professor. My faculty voted against me for tenure, but my provost vetoed their vote. He was the person who hired me ten years ago. He was also the one who secured my first paid leave of absence in 2012 and approved my second year of non-paid leave of absence so I could try doing this speaking and business mentor…Read More

  5. I’m In EBONY MAGAZINE!!!!!

    OMG. It dropped two weeks early and I wasn’t ready. I thought I had more time to get my heart right… But here it is in black and white. I, Dr. Venus Opal Reese, am featured in the annual wealth issue of Ebony Magazine. Wow. I don't know how this happened, but RIGHT after I had completed my AWESOME skydiving retreat with my amazing Sacred-Self Mastermind clients (whom I love and am blessed that…Read More

  6. How Your Self-Worth Defines Your Net-Worth

    Ever since I have started the WE MATTER Movement, I have been blessed with extraordinary opportunities to share my message. So instead of writing an article this week, I decided to share an extraordinary interview I did with Towanna Freeman, CEO of Black Life Coaches. We have a very candid, passionate, and fun conversation about why BLACK WOMEN MATTER. It is the best interview I have ever done. Pl…Read More