1. Introducing … The Raw & Real Series

    This is a different post than you’re used to. You come here to read posts that pour into you as an entrepreneur—one who is hungry for seven figures. That’s what I do. And I know that’s what you look for from me, on this blog. But I can’t feed you that way right now, Beloved. Because life is shifting, for me. Walk with me … I can feel myself getting quiet on the inside. Resolved. Resolu…Read More

  2. Evolution or Extinction?

      “The only constant in life is change.” Greek Philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus As cash-flow focused entrepreneurs, we have to get used to rolling with the punches. Right? I mean, everything changes! Just think about the world of internet marketing. When I started my business eight years ago, I could send an email and people would respond. Now, I don't even read my emails! I just kind of…Read More

  3. Staying Motivated as a Cash-Flow Focused Entrepreneur

    In my last post, I asked if your problems might be blocking your paper.   If they are, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated—to lose hope and get stuck (which of course means more problems, and even less paper!).   So, how do you stay motivated, as a cash-flow focused entrepreneur? How do you keep going, when it seems like nothing is working? Here are a few ideas I use myself to con…Read More

  4. WE Are the Foundation

    I believe that our men follow us—we don't follow them. I’ll go as far as to say that the world follows us, and then it follows him. In that sense, we are the foundation of everything. This is just one of the reasons I focus on healing—to be the absolute best version of ourselves. Yet women notoriously put themselves last. We think we need to help heal others—those we love. We figure our ow…Read More

  5. If We Do THIS, We Can Heal the World

    When I think about expanding my calling to healing and mentoring Black men, BELIEVE me, I have had my doubts! Where do I even start to make sure they know they are loved? How will it work? When I pray about it, it sounds like this: I don't know how, God. I don't know if they will listen to me, I don't know if they will hear me. I don't know if they will even like me. I don't know if they can deal …Read More

  6. I am shaken to my core… AND I’m ready…

    I can feel myself getting quiet on the inside ... Resolved. Resolute. Determined. At this time last year, I had a procedure done to reduce the size of a benign fibroid tumor in my uterus. It didn't take. Now, the tumor is the size of a grapefruit, and I can see it protruding from my tummy when I lay on my back. The pain of my menses has escalated. So much so, I lay on the floor in tears, unable to…Read More

  7. What If It Wasn’t About You?

    Last week, I asked this question: How do we love someone (especially a Black man) in a way that shows him how to love himself? Here’s what I think: You have to love yourself so much that you can put yourself in his shoes, see his wounds, and not make it about you. And that’s a challenge, right? That can be HARD. I mean, it would be easy for me to get caught up in the hurt of not knowing my fat…Read More

  8. Loving in the Absence of Love

    Has anyone ever loved you through a time when you couldn’t love yourself? Someone did that for me. Nanna. When I came to school smelling like urine and beer, she loved me anyway. When I said horrible things to her, because that was all I knew, she loved me anyway. Nanna’s kindness let me experience that I was not my pain. Which brings me to the question in my mind today: How do we love someone…Read More

  9. The Sins (and Wounds) of the Father

    The sins of the father fall upon the child. And so do the wounds. Right? I've really been BEing with that lately. If you've been with me for a minute, then you know Momma and I had to work some things out. I bear her scars and I bear her wounds. I bear the wounds of my mother's mothers, and I also bear the wounds of the absence of my father. But I never took ON my father. I didn't even think to. I…Read More

  10. Money Myths

    From the time momma put me out when I was sixteen, I’ve been learning about healing. And #realtalk – that’s how I spend most of my time. Healing. As I discovered how to heal, I learned how to manifest. I promise you, that is key: you have to heal to manifest. As I healed, I eventually graduated from Stanford University with a second Masters and a Ph.D. Then, I was a teacher, a tenured profes…Read More