1. Our Father, President Barack Obama

    When I thought about the Fathers I wanted to honor this month, you KNOW I thought of our president. I mean … yes, he is our first Black President, of course. #holla!! But we (Black America) fell in love with him as Our Father, too. Here’s just some of what I love most about this man: ♥ He is a model for Black Men – for ALL men, worldwide – to be great fathers. ♥ He LOVES his girls. Bla…Read More

  2. Title: (Dis)Trusting (White) Capital

    One of the things I had to face as I moved from six-figures to my first million was the need for capital. Defy Impossible, Inc. is a cash-based business. We’ve never had a business loan. We are not a certified minority-owned business and we don’t have any angel investors. In truth, I have been very proud that we never had to go with our “hand out” begging for money. I became an entrepreneu…Read More

  3. Commerce is a Two-Faced Charlatan

    It fronts as money, but its true power lies in its ability to shape mass-market swag. Commerce, as popularly regarded, is the ability to do business transactions – the exchanging of money for goods and services. That’s the easy side of commerce. It’s the part that we do without thinking about. The other side of commerce is social exchange. These are social transactions that build billionaire…Read More

  4. The Gift of a Great Mentor

    Let’s face it: success can be lonely. One of the things I have been longing for is a peer group that could feed me and provide a safe space for me to be heard, seen, and loved. So I invested in myself by working with my scaling mentor, Lisa Cherney, and a peer group of BEAST-MODE bo$$e$! LC is woo-woo on steroids, and a marketing/growth/scaling genius. She was the one who showed me how we can do…Read More

  5. Do You Pray for Your Business?

    Do you pray, sis? I do. All the time. Every day. I pray for my wife, for Nanna, for my family, my friends, my sisters, my team … I pray for guidance, personally and professionally, so I can make the difference I know I was born to make. I pray for YOU. And I pray for your business, as your vehicle for transforming lives. I pray for Defy Impossible, Inc.—MY vehicle for transforming lives, one s…Read More

  6. If You’re Ready to Go Bigger, THIS Is Critical.

    Two weeks ago, I talked about how, if you’re ready to touch MORE people with your gifts, make a bigger impact, AND generate the kind of paper that will LET you live the life you want for yourself, you have to take a leap. And that’s scary. I know. So I gave you tips to help you re-center yourself, stay in the game, and make the jump. Today I want to talk about one CRITICAL key to scaling your …Read More

  7. Finding Your Worth

    Sometimes you can’t see your own worth, as a Strong Black Woman and Black Woman Entrepreneur. Sometimes, you can’t see it until someone else sees it in you, and illuminates it for you. A business mentor can hold that space for you, and guide you into stepping into your worth and value as the beautiful being you are. WARNING: Keep in mind: I am bilingual. I speak “street.” This video may co…Read More

  8. What Slavery Taught You about Pricing

    Slavery taught us Black Women that we can be bought and sold. When you’re working at an hourly rate, you’re telling the world that you can be bought, and your exact price point. It’s time to stop treating your business, and yourself, as a commodity—or you’ll never have the cash money you want! WARNING: Keep in mind: I am bilingual. I speak “street.” This video may contain adult langu…Read More

  9. Are You Ready to Fight … for YOU?

    I’m ready to fight alongside you, sis. I’m ready to fight for your money! Consider me your backup brawler, business coach, and all-around Money Mentor, so you can be the Black Woman Entrepreneur you’re meant to be! And this isn’t just any fight. I’m talkin’ a bare-knuckle, “break the beer bottle on the table” and “bring your shank” street fight brawl!!! You and me against whate…Read More

  10. The REAL Reason You’re Getting Paid Less Than You’re Worth

    You’ve tried building your business your way, sis. Is it working? Do you have the clients, the cash, and the respect you want as a Black entrepreneur? If you don’t, I’m willing to bet it’s because you’ve decided you’re not worth it. As Black Women, we have been victimized—but that’s not the same as being a victim. Being a victim is when you stop standing for yourself: when you stop…Read More