1. A love letter to God

    My Lord and my God, It feels like a lifetime since I have told you how much I love you. Thank you, Lord, for using me. For choosing me. Thank you for blessing me with YOUR bounty. YOUR favor. YOUR love. I feel more peaceful and fulfilled than I ever have in my entire life. I am learning so much. Growing so much. Thank you for your vision for my business. Thank you for blessing me with a heart like…Read More

  2. The Power of Positioning

    It’s fall and I am no longer teaching at university. As you may know, I am a tenured professor. My faculty voted against me for tenure, but my provost vetoed their vote. He was the person who hired me ten years ago. He was also the one who secured my first paid leave of absence in 2012 and approved my second year of non-paid leave of absence so I could try doing this speaking and business mentor…Read More

  3. I’m In EBONY MAGAZINE!!!!!

    OMG. It dropped two weeks early and I wasn’t ready. I thought I had more time to get my heart right… But here it is in black and white. I, Dr. Venus Opal Reese, am featured in the annual wealth issue of Ebony Magazine. Wow. I don't know how this happened, but RIGHT after I had completed my AWESOME skydiving retreat with my amazing Sacred-Self Mastermind clients (whom I love and am blessed that…Read More

  4. Braving the Demons of Success

    I never imagined success taking courage. I thought that it would be easy. Not the grind of getting “there,” but having the experience of knowing you have “arrived.” Here’s the truth: Up-leveling REQUIRES upheaval. It’s not a choice. It comes with the territory. I think I spent my life trying to “get” somewhere to be “somebody.” A lot of my striving was a “fuck you” to the w…Read More

  5. 5 Proven Tactics to Profit from Pain

    God is sooooooo faithful. I was talking to Nanna (aka Mrs. Judy Mae Francis, the teacher who saved my life and took me in as her own child) about messing up. Nanna said, “Each time you think you mess up and lose out on something, something BETTER comes to take the place of what you thought you lost.” Nanna could not have been more right. You see, I was raised to believe that I brought “it”…Read More

  6. I couldn’t open the box…

    My first luxury purchase in my LIFE came—and I couldn’t open the box. It took me three hours just to get it out of the FedEx package, another two to look at the pretty ribbon. I just looked at the pretty ribbon on the perfectly wrapped box until my wife came home. She took photos and video as I opened it. It is beautiful.   I put it on and started to hold my breath. On my wrist was somebody…Read More

  7. How willing are YOU to be rich?

    I am from the streets. I used to steal, eat out of trashcans, and collect the crumpled one-dollar bills thrown from sweaty hot hands at the dancers—so I could get a cut. No shame. Just truth. Fast-forward to this weekend. I am looking to invest in my first luxury purchase: a Rolex. I am also looking at my next car: either a Jag or a Bentley. I just did an interview/audition with a Hollywood prod…Read More

  8. Broke, Poor, Rich or Wealthy?

    Have you ever wondered why when someone wins millions in the lottery, within a few years they lose it all? Or how MC Hammer made $30 million and lost it in record time? Or how someone as successful as Whitney could leave us so tragically? The answer is obvious: there is a difference between “poor” and “broke.” Poor is a tangible condition. It means that when the rent is due, you don’t ha…Read More

  9. Are You Slavin’ Making Other People Rich?

    Are you slavin’—and making other people rich? Whether you are an executive bound by golden-handcuffs, an entrepreneur who is pouring money down the toilet via business building programs, or an highly educated expert who doesn’t know how to monetize your expertise, one thing is clear: you are making tons of money for everyone—except yourself. But it does have to be that way any more.  Join…Read More

  10. We Matter Manifesto~Black Business Women

    What if we were wrong… about ourselves? What if we are not chattel, property sold to the highest bidder for a good job, a steady paycheck, health insurance, or a tight 401k? What if we got off of the plantation payment plan of earning it, proving it, and making it—and stopped making somebody else rich? (Preach!) (And if one more person says 'we are all the same' or 'race doesn't matter' we are…Read More