1. For Uncle Jesse

    This month, I’ve featured mothers on the blog, to acknowledge the impact they have made. But today, I want to make sure to acknowledge the MEN who mother us, as well. Generally, women are considered natural "mothers," thereby "nurturers." In fact, a number of us have been nurtured by fathers, brothers, pastors, and uncles. The man who has "mothered" me the most in my life is my Uncle Jesse. Uncl…Read More

  2. For Nanna

    If you’re part of my tribe (and you are, because you’re here reading this!), you probably know my story. And if you know my story, then you know about Nanna. And if you know about Nanna, then you know she saved my live. That’s why I want to honor her today, with this post, during this month of celebrating Mothers. As you probably know, at 16, I was living on the mean streets of Baltimore ami…Read More

  3. For Ivy

    For Ivy Meet my friend—my baby sister—Ivy Moore. Yes, she is my biological sister (same momma, different daddy) … she’s also one of my closest friends and trusted colleagues … and she is hands down one of the FUNNIEST, most brilliant moms I know!   Ivy and I (along with my older sister and my brother) were taught from a very young ago to take care of each other. And we do, still to this…Read More

  4. For Momma

    Every May, we celebrate Mother’s Day. This year, I want to take a moment to thank Momma. (I know she won’t see this post, but I’m thanking her anyway.) Now, if you know my story, right now you’re probably goin’, “Whoa, girl! What in the world do you have to thank her for?? Didn’t she throw you out on the streets? Didn’t she hurt you??” Yes. She did. But she was also the vessel th…Read More

  5. Black Women Artists as Entrepreneurs Part 3 – Shonda Rhimes

    One of my all-time favorite TV series is Scandal. (Tell me you’ve watched it!) I mean it has it ALL. Great actors. Conflict and off-the-chain storylines. Politics. Suspense. SUPERIOR writing. Murder. Sex. EVERYTHING. Lisa and I love it! And that’s just one of the many reasons I’m choosing to honour Shonda Rhimes today—the executive producer of Scandal. She produced Grey’s Anatomy, too. #…Read More

  6. 1 Thing That Will Keep You OFF the Fast-Track to Financial Independence—and What to Do Instead

    I understand the “get it done” hustle. Girl, you know I do! As strong Black Women, we are hardwired to hustle. Expected to make things happen, when they need to happen, no matter what. And to make SURE they happen, we think if we want it done “right,” we better do it ourselves. (Feel me?) As black women entrepreneurs, we’re expected to succeed! Figure things out. Do what has to be done, …Read More

  7. The Fast-Track to Financial Independence: Are You Working ON Your Business?

    #realtalk: Black Women Entrepreneurs spend WAY too much time working WAY too hard on the "wrong stuff." You know the “stuff” … The kind that looks good (like you should be working on it), but that doesn't actually move you forward, faster. The stuff that keeps you busy, but that doesn’t generate results. The stuff that doesn’t get your name on the list of Black Woman Millionaires! Let me…Read More

  8. {Strategy} What do you REQUIRE to make money?

    I love working with powerful black women: my 7-figure sisters in the making. And one of my favorite questions to ask them as a professional business coach is: What do you REQUIRE to make money? When I was coming up off the streets, I needed five single $100 bills in an envelope under my mattress or at the top of a closet to feel safe. If I don’t feel safe, I can’t make money. Of course, as I…Read More

  9. {Video} What Would It Take for You to Stand on Your OWN Feet?

    As a black women business coach, I have seen this happen WAY too often with clients. Brilliant, strong Black women who are hungry for 7-figure success stay stuck and struggling because of this one thing. This block is SO important when it comes to motivating Black women to step out and trust themselves! Check out this video AND read the transcript, so you truly absorb this lesson.  This could be…Read More

  10. {Strategy} Are you letting the pain of your past control you today?

    Today, I’m sharing the story of how I once let pain from my past kill my cash flow. For the first two years of my business, when I was still learning EVERYTHING, I supplemented my meager university paycheck with speaking and consulting opportunities. This was how I could take the skills I already had (my background is in theatre, and as a tenured professor, I spoke multiple times a week in front…Read More