1. The Raw & Real Series: (God Says It’s Time)

    My former spouse and I settled our divorce yesterday.      There are details and final paperwork—but it’s done. I am no longer married.      I also had to let go of amazing people. I am retiring Defy Impossible. When I said it was the end of an era, I meant it.      I am starting over.     Not from the ground up.     No.     On the…Read More

  2. The Raw & Real Series: Out with the Old …

    This is going to sound crazy, but it’s true:  When I was on the streets, my best friends were not people. They were books.  Reading allowed me the chance to transport myself into different worlds. And they were safe. Reliable. My constant companions.  It might sound weird, but I am still very closely emotionally bonded to my books … even more so than people, sometimes.  And so I carried my…Read More

  3. The Raw & Real Series: Trusting Me

    I’m about to move!!  Sunny San Diego is about to be my new home, and I confess … as excited as I am for my new beginning, I have been in denial.  I’ve been busy—busy doing all the things required for a big, life-changing move. I’ve been so caught up in getting everything in order, that I haven’t been able to just BE with the fact that this is a TOTAL life change. So all of the sudden…Read More

  4. The Raw & Real Series: Dragons Breathing Fire

    We're breathing fire in my new Facebook community, y’all. O-M-God. I'm in love!!  I love my dragons. I love my dragons. I love my dragons!  We have a whole community of them now (over 300 people joined with ZERO marketing), and they are HUNGRY. There's a fierceness about the people who are attracted to Breathe Fire (that’s the name of this group). These are successful, conscious entrepreneur…Read More

  5. The Raw & Real Series: Breathe Fire

      When a woman speaks her truth, she breathes fire. A fire that burns down the lies Scorches through façades and Lights up the dark nights living in her soul. When a woman speaks her truth She b$tch slaps shame, regret, and self-sacrifice. Her tongue becomes a flame. Her voice, gasoline. She spits truth like red-hot embers burning down Generations of "making it work," "Making do," and "overc…Read More

  6. The Raw & Real Series: Feeding My Soul

    I’m excited.  And a bit nervous.  Everyone knows me as Doctor Venus, the Millionaire Mentor. And if you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve been struggling with what to call myself, ever since the emergency hysterectomy turned my world upside down.  I'm starting fresh. I'm starting new. I'm starting from a whole different place. I’m starting over.  I have a new brand—a new direc…Read More

  7. The Raw & Real Series: New Beginnings.

    THIS is a time of new beginnings!  In just 4 weeks, I’m moving to sunny, beautiful San Diego! Dallas has been my home for 15 years, but it wasn’t the city I chose. I came here because of work … not because it called to my heart.  But San Diego is my choice! And I’m SO excited.  I’m going to give you a “virtual” tour of my new condo on the 29th floor.  As you come in the front doo…Read More

  8. The Raw & Real Series: Limbo

    “How are you holding yourself?” Someone asked me that question after the hysterectomy. He said, “I hear how generous and loving you are with how you hold your mom up with respect to how she was and what she did … and it made me wonder, how are you holding yourself?” He was talking about the way I choose to understand Momma, and the things she did to me as a child. (You can read more abou…Read More

  9. The Raw and Real Series: Lonely

    I combed my hair today. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I consider it a small triumph. I mean, my doctor gave me permission to bathe. It’s the little things, right? I am so tired. My energy is super low. I’ve been struggling (hard!) with nausea and vomiting, since the procedure. I have no appetite, and I’m losing weight. But I’m better than yesterday, I think, when I was dealing wi…Read More

  10. The Raw & Real Series: All the Little Pieces

    The emergency hysterectomy is over. Just like that … they took my uterus out. Gone. #f$ckyoufibroids My body is healing pretty—thank you Jesus. #godisfaithful Really, though, it’s not the healing of the incisions that’s the challenge. Almost all the stitches are on the inside. There are only three on the outside: one in my belly button and one on each side of my belly. One of those two is …Read More