Lisa and I
My Virtual Mentor: Lisa Sasevich

Beloved friends!!!

Life is beautiful!!!

I am so happy and proud of me I just had to share!!

I am so living an inspired life!

The last time I posted, I was coming out of a dark space. Well the light is shining bright!!! I am letting my LIFE shine! I encourage you to do the same. Here are the updates:

~I have been invited to be a featured speaker at the Inspiring Women Summit!!! THIS IS HUGE!!!

~I am growing. I have created 5 new product-lines and they are amazing!

~In one day, I had 24,000 come to me!

~A new friend has past my “From the Streets to Stanford” story to Black Enterprise Magazine!

~I am sharing the same platform with extraordinary women who have New York Times Bestsellers and who have been on Oprah!

~I have been going to the gym and eating well so my body is hot!!! And I feel great about me!

~I  have invested in myself with multiple trainings that will source me in having my mulit-million dollar business within the next 18 months as a self-expression, while making a profound difference in the lives I am blessed to touch!

~ I am putting systems and support structures in place to leverage my time and my business.

~I  have begun my newsletter, which will take the place of my blog soon. 🙁

~I went to a body-worker about my knees. My knees are now pain free! (Cod-liver oil works wonders!!!)


The question looming in the air: HOW? Or better yet, “Venus, how can I do this in my life?” Well friend, I am glad you asked!!! Here are some Street Smarts Strategic Visioning tools to unleash your natural ability to thrive effortlessly:

1. Take actions consistent with where you are going instead of where you are: I did my income taxes this year and for the first time, I owned the government. My accountant let me know this was a good thing. I broke the 6 figure mark last year and that put me in a different tax bracket. Here is the gold: instead of mourning my plight, my accountant suggested I invest. For the first time in my life, I purchased tax credits for lower income housing to shelter my earnings and make money. My actions are matching the growth I am moving into and I now have new problems. I love my new problems! The are a match for growth and expansion. See where you can take actions that match where the positive and integrity-rich proof says you are going.

2. Learn something new that will forward your commitment: I hate sells and I don’t like marketing myself. I don’t ever want to be one of those people who manipulate and pressure people to do stuff they don’t want to do. You can not grow a business without sells and marketing. Guess what? I am taking sells and marketing courses and programs that help me monetize my mission. In truth I was afraid of damaging people or being precived a certain way. I realize now that I am getting in the way of the world getting my blessing by not locating a system I can do that I respect and feel good about. So I shopped around and found exactly a system that works for my spiritual beliefs, my values for making a difference in the world, and that is bankable. The result: 15, 000k in 45 minutes (thanks Lisa Sasevich and your Invisible Close Secrets!)  Identify something you could learn that would move you forward and shop around until you find a model that fits you.

3. Hire experts: I am great with ideas but I suck at details. I identified a person who is naturally good at details and paid him 50 bucks for 4 hours. My life will never be the same. You don’t have to go whole hog with hiring people; you can start small. I am getting so much other stuff done that I am either going to pay a monthly hourly rate or trade some of my services for his. We have a win/win and I am freed up to do what I do best. Look to see what amount could you invest in yourself by paying someone else to take stuff off of your plate.

4. Consistent consistent action: I am going to be in front of a lot of people in various states starting next week. I am vain. I created a campaign for myself call, “Venus Envy: Toned and Burn!” 3-4 times a week I go to spin class for an hour and then I follow-up with an hour of weight training. On the off days I walk around the lake. I cut out all alchohol and sweets. The difference is amazing. My confidence is going through the roof! Take actions consistent with your commitment–consistantly!!! Stops and starts will deminish your sense of self. A small repeatable doable action that matches who you are becoming will give you more than big spartic actions.

5. Get a virtual mentor and do what they do: I have located a series of leaders that I want to be like. So I listen to their tapes, I look at their videoes, and I copy them. Some I purchase their materials. My point is this: others have already walked your path. Learn from them–even if it is from a distance. Model their actions and behaviors. There is a women entrepreneur that I admire immensely. Her name is Michele DeKinder-Smith. Her business, Jane Out the Box,  is all about empowering women entreprenurs. When I was in San Diego in February,  she dried my tears, held my hand, and looked over my materials. The following week she donated 90 minutes of her time and knowledge to me for free and let me know that we were equals. It was her suggestion to contact former clients that created the opportunity for the 15, 000K. I want to be like her. So I am paying for a friend of mine to come with me to Michele’s “See Jane Succeed!” Live Event in Chicago in May. I am modeling the same sort of investment in my friend that Michele gave me. Locate a mentor who inspires you and do what they do. Soon, you will have the results that are match for inspired action!

Living an inspired life is a function of knowing your worth. You have to value yourself enough to invest the money, time, energy and belief in you in service of service. You inspire me to keep growing, to keep expanding, to keep moving. Thank you for reading my words. And thank you for helping me to live an inspired life!

With all the love my heart can hold…

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      Thank you Ivy. I love you so much! I deeply appreciate you reading my words and for ALWAYS supporting me and believing in me. Yay team!
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    HI Tom.

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