page-photo-talkBlack Women Millionaires:

Inner Secrets from Seven-Figure Sisters
So YOU Can Live Your Worth OUT LOUD!

What made you successful will NOT make you a seven-figures sister—on your on terms.

Let me just cut to the chase here. YOU are a bada$$. You know it. And I know it. You are brilliant, educated, smart and savvy. You are purpose-driven, high achieving, and super successful in your own right—be it raising babies or running a business. But on the inside you NEVER feel like you have made it. Especially when it comes to money. You feel like no matter HOW hard you work, how much you make, you STILL don’t have the freedom or fulfillment you have been slavin’ to reach for your entire adult life.

What’s worse: you know you can do it.

You know you can be part of the 2% of women in business to shatter the seven-figure ceiling. You know you can because you have done it for other people, companies, firms, and network marketing structures. You KNOW you can make it rain for others, but…
(Now, this is going to hurt)

… you haven’t been able to do it for yourself.
Whether you are a sister millionaire in the making hiding in plain sight at a job that’s beneath you, or an unfulfilled seven-figure sister who needs to transition from survival money to self-expressed millions, here is what I know for sure:

You are a powerful and proud Black Woman who has walked through some !@#$%. And that “mess” is the key to your million-dollar future on your own terms.

In this session I will share the inner secrets that have made me and 13 other Black women millionaires—on our own terms. You will discover:

  • The COLD hard truth why you haven’t hit the seven-figure mark by now (this truth will blow your mind AND set you free!)
  • The 3 inner secrets of EVERY Black Woman Millionaire I know used to fast track it to the seven-figure mark—on her one terms with grace and ease.
  • The 3 phases you MUST go through if you want to be a Black Woman Millionaire.

We will wrap-up this session with YOU receiving an EXCLUSIVE invitation to begin you on the fast track to seven-figures!