We ALL want our independence. Right?

But REAL independence requires financial freedom.

So how the hell do we get there? To that place of true independence and freedom?

Here’s my advice:

  1. You let go and let God. Money is a heart condition. You’ve GOT to let go of the control. When you have faith that God has your back—that God has a PLAN for you—you can trust the process, no matter what you’re going through.
  2. You give with a happy heart. If you want to manifest money and miracles, here are three “Dr. Venus-Tested Giving-Is-Good” strategies that can move you from survival to wealth:

– When you “need” money, give. I use this strategy EVERY time I feel broke. I find a way to give money to someone or something that inspires me. It will change your emotional state and help you see you are better off than others.

– Give what you can until you can give 10%. I had to start small. I have grown into my money trust with God. The main point is to give with a happy heart and without strings. It makes a difference.

– Tithe from inspiration instead of need. I find that when I tithe or give when I am inspired by what someone else is doing, they get more benefit. When I tithe or give from need, I feel superior—like I am helping them. When you give from inspiration, it is an act of acknowledgment and service—not charity. #holla

  1. You heal your heart and stand for something bigger than yourself.

That’s when money comes to you.

It’s practically magic, sis.

So there you have it!

Which of the three giving strategies will you implement this week in service of your seven-figure destiny?

Comment below, so we can bear witness.

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  1. Joi Horton

    Good afternoon Big Sister, It has been a while since i have spoken with you. I have made the decision to quit my job to find a better source of happiness for myself and my family. I wanted to reach out to you once again to see of any trainings and opportunities you have to gain knowledge of myself, my desires, and the best way to stay happy with financial freedom. I am in the process of writing a business concept paper for an indoor playground in Dayton, oh. Just looking to see if u have any helpful tips for me as I grow into this independant entrepreneur. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your motivation! Joi
    • Dr. Venus

      Hello Joi, I am just seeing this. I apologize for the delayed response. Email support@defyimpossible.com to find out what we are doing. They will guide you. Dr. Venus
  2. Akamilah

    Greetings, Financial freedom has been my mantra for some time now! EVERYTHING stated in this post is RIGHT ON POINT!!! The point that strikes me the most is 'give with a happy heart'. When I'm (literally) able to do so, this is exactly what I do! To me, "happy" has a main root in luck...which could also mean chance which ties into what you've shared in these posts. Including the (assumed fact that) it is our chance, our choice to make things better for ourselves. Thank you for everything you do Dr. VenusXOXO!!!

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