I remember the first time I learned to trade my hustle for my trust in God.
It was when I was in the process of buying my first “big-money” home.
I had already choked once when I found one for just around $600k.
#realtalk: I was so used to “hustlin” … “makin’ it happen” … that I truly COULD NOT just let it be easy. So I let my fear stop me.
See, I had been conditioned to work HARD. That means I trusted my efforts, and my efforts could NEVER afford a house like that. (If this sounds familiar, watch your inbox … soon, I have something special coming your way that’s ALL about exactly how and why “working HARD for the money” is the absolute WRONG way to go about manifesting your seven-figure future!)
But I realized that God was waiting on me to give the energetic “green light” by trusting.
And I realized that God would never give me a dream that wasn’t ALREADY manifested.
So I knew what I had to do. I had to “Let go and let God.” I had to trust the whispers in my soul.
I had to trust that it was already done.
So I did, and guess what? My dream home materialized in a week!
I’ll say it again, sis:

Manifesting begins where the will ends.

In other words, like I said in my last post, manifesting is a function of surrendering your death grip on “making it happen by the power of your will,” and allowing God to do God.

I’m seeing this again and again in my life right now, as I am growing … personally AND as your Black Woman Millionaire™ Mentor.

What about you, sis? Has there ever been a time when you had to LET GO in order to receive?

Post below so we can bear witness …

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  1. Dr. Andrea Cook

    I am presently working on building my faith up so that I can let go of that I -have-to-do-it mentality. This is right on point I want to dig deeper in my spiritual connection with God because I know in my spirit that's where all the action is! That's where things happen at! Manifestation comes from that place and my heart yearns for that connection.
  2. Lorrie Jackson

    Great article! I feel that way now, it's hard because I feel like it's something I should be doing. This is confirmation of what my spirit has been telling me all along. Thank you so much!!!!😁
  3. Grenoda Shannon

    I was struggling just to make ends meet, more money going out than in. The electric bill came with a shut off notice, something in my spirit told me to write the check and put it in the drop box....I had just enough in my account to cover the bill and nothing else. A week went by and the money never moved from my account; I called the company to inquire, customer service said the account was paid in full, yet the money was still in my account .
  4. Unique Shamque

    Yaaaaaasss thats the season that Im on right now!!! LET GO & LET GOD!!! LOVE IT...THANKS SIS FOR SHARING!!!! #TRUSTGOD
  5. Iris

    I bear witness to this. I am still surrendering but I KNOW this is it. This is what I MUST do. Thank you so much for being so right on time AGAIN.

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