Here we are, in the second full week of January.

Goal setting, vision boards, and affirmations are ALL around us, and they’re all awesome!

Really. They’re ALL great things to try when you’re ready for a “new you, in the new year.”

I do things just a little differently. #hollaatyourgirl!!

I create a three-word theme, first. For 2018, it’s Confluence. Influence. Affluence.

Then, I make Divine Declarations.

#realtalk: You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

If you’ve ever created resolutions that have completely petered out by the end of January, I’m just going to say it: you were not committed to that resolution in a way that DROVE you to achieve it.

But what if, instead of making “resolutions” (which doesn’t even sound fun, girl!), you make Divine Declarations—which become covenants, with spirit?

THAT’S a different kind of commitment, isn’t it? That’s a covenant between you and that which you consider great.


Here’s what I want you to do, right now:

Write out your three-word theme for 2018. (Put some thought into this. Don’t rush it.)

Then, answer this:

What is your Divine Declaration?

A declaration is simply an “I am” or “I know” statement, like “I am a person who leaves love everywhere I go,” and “I know the universe only brings good to me.”

It’s powerful, too. YOU get to say how your life goes.

So start writing them down, too.

Declare through “I am…” statements who you are for yourself, who you are for others, and who you are for life.

I promise you if you start to speak your “I am’s” and “I know’s,” you won’t have any problems keeping your promises to yourself and to spirit.

With all the love my heart can hold…

Dr. Venus


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  1. Eilynn J Dixon

    Thank you Dr. Reese!! That resonated with my spirit answering a question that only I and God knew!! I just lost my Aunt suddenly on Tues and she was like my sister so it feels like a piece of my spirit shattered. It hurts but your words of encouragement to go through the process and its ok to hurt. Thank you for being you!!

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