As part of my tribe, you may have recently heard me talk about dissolving the distance between you and Spirit, to become a Black Woman Millionaire™.

But what does that really mean, exactly??

It means you ARE God. God is you.


If you really start to embody that you truly are God—then all that’s left is dissolving the distance between you and Spirit.

It’s About Letting Spirit Move Through You by Healing Your Heart, so You Can Transform the World.

And THAT’S how to become a Black Woman Millionaire™, in record time.

I’m going to share a story with you now, sis, about how this all came to me.

It was out of prayer.

It was a revelation.

One morning recently, I knew I needed to talk with God.

So I sat down with God.

And there I was, writing down my affirmational prayers, when everything shifted.

So there are five pieces to an affirmative prayer. I was in the third piece when I realized … I recognized … that as an individual expression of God, it is my divine BIRTHRIGHT to have all the affluence, all the abundance, all the peace, all the prosperity … all the goodness of life!

My birthright, y’all. #letthatsinkin

BUT I couldn’t write it!! I could NOT write it down. My fingers would not do it.

And I was like, “Ok God.” I paused. “Ok. Alright.” So I started to write to God, and this is what our “conversation” looked like:

Me: “Ok God. Why can’t I feel You right now? Why can’t I write this?”

God: (God called me “Beloved” right out of the gate, girl. That’s how I distinguish when God is talking.) “Beloved, I didn’t leave you. And you didn’t leave Me. You just bumped into a wall that needs to be dissolved in your heart, so you and I can be one.”

When I heard that, what came rushing to my head and out of my pen are all the things I feel I haven’t done well. All the ways I failed God. All the ways I judged myself. (I felt like I didn’t make good choices. I didn’t choose the right people. Didn’t hire the right team. That kind of thing.)

God: “My Beloved, I apologize to you.”

I didn’t understand. How could God apologize to me? So I wrote that down. I asked.

And this is what came back to me:

God: “You think loving Me means being ‘good.’ You think loving Me means never failing or missing the mark. You think it means all of that. What I’m saying I’m sorry for is this—I have to apologize to you, so you can apologize to you, because you and I are one.”


Me: “Ok. So we are one.”

God: “You still hold Me like you have to please Me in order for Me to love you. And I’ve always loved you. And I will always love you. Because you ARE Me. And what you’re dissolving is the separation between you and Me. That’s what that wall is. You’re dissolving the separation. You ARE Me, Beloved. You are Me in human form.”

Me: “If I and You are One, then why do I feel this way?”

God: “It’s the residue of what you believed. You believed that you had to do stuff in order to earn love.” (That’s mama.) “And you feel like you have to earn it with Me. You were taught that I will punish you. And if you don’t do good, you’re going to lose something. If you don’t act right, you’re going to be penalized.”

(And YES, that’s been my lived experience. That’s my background.)

Me: “Well God, how can I BE You; how can I live You?”

And it was a simple and beautiful answer:

God: “There’s nothing you can do, because that’s not how I work. You can’t do anything, baby girl. You can’t. The reason you can’t do anything is because I’m not anything. You can’t do anything, because I’m not anything. I AM.”


God said, “I AM.”

And it moved me.

I could let go.

I understand that I am.

Me: “How do I live this? Make it real in my life?”

And girl, I heard Spirit say, as clear as anything …

“Just love them. Just love them like I love you. Feed life to life.”

It is this experience that is my driving force behind The Black Woman Millionaire™ Transformational Experience.

All I have to do is feed life to life. All I have to do is love you.

And I can do that by helping you dissolve the distance, so you know without a doubt that you ARE.  

If you live in Dallas, Texas, there’s still time to join me for …

The Black Woman Millionaire™ Transformational Experience:

Manifest Millions and Fulfill Your Destiny by Healing Your Heart

July 13-15, 2018

When you do, we’ll dissolve the distance between you and Spirit (whatever that means to you!) so you can become a Black Woman Millionaire … and enjoy TRUE independence!

With all the love my heart can hold…

Dr. Venus


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  1. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Tameco Brewster</a>

    I absolutely love your revelation, He is in all of us and yes we do have to dissolve the barriers between us. The barriers that have developed over the years that made us believe we were anything but royalty. I have been inspired by your letter and know it's time to allow my roots to go deeper into his Kingdom and align my mind, body, and soul to his will for my life as I live it at one with him. Continued blessings to you, and I enjoyed seeing you live in Los Angeles when Snoop Dog came into the room. I want to mention he arrived right as you were saying you don't call Hollywood, Hollywood calls you. Amen!!!
  2. Phela

    I am a woman who loves and adores God! I’m an hairstylist/makeup artist.. and I truly know I’m a life enhancement coach!! Have been helping many and they have confirmed it but right now I feel stuck.. I need finances to bloom or just one person to favor me or believe in me!! I write and journal and pray and say positive affirmations as well. Just invented a day and night serum and need help marketing it! I just need help!! Praying for favor and an open door!! This story had me in tears! Tears in my heart longing for change!!

    Wow my sister you spoke volumes to my heart. I too had a heart to heart with the Father. I asked him and have asked for many years, about Deuteronomy 8:18. I said father you said that we have the power to get wealth did why havent I seen this. I heard him say because haven't allowed my Spirit to operate in your life. I said what do you mean. He said you have been denying the power within. So when i read your conversation with the Father it was confirmation to me. Because that has been put into my Spirit concerning starting my business, i have denied what i heard because i feared i couldnt do it and have made excuses of why it want work. You know listening to others, looking at my bank account and my shortcomings. Thank u for sharing.
  4. Lola

    Whoa! That was powerfull! G-WIZZZ! It spoke to me. It's been a heavy 💔 coupla daze. Dealing w/ chronic pain and healing from shoulder surgery. Your talk with God resonated with me deeply. I graciously thank you for sharing! Look forward to meeting and working with you as I grow, dissolve things that I painfully allow to remain in my way. Peacelovengrace~

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