#Realtalk: It’s time to get into the 21st century by upgrading your most valuable asset—YOU!!!

It’s time for you to go back to school— a different kind of school. The kind that offers a different kind of education!

It’s a new day! Globalization, the new economy, and the Internet have changed the face of education, along with the value we assign to it. The traditional education model for success taught you to develop your skills, get experience, and promote your strengths.

Except that’s what everybody else is already doing! Think about it—in emails, commercials, elevator pitches, videos … don’t they all sound the same? Yes! Because we have all been doing our business in an old paradigm of selling, positioning, and marketing our skills, talents, and services.

I want to share a RADICAL thought with you today—one that can change your life, eradicate the competition, AND take your business to levels you may never have even dreamed of before. Are you ready for it? (Cause here it comes!)

What if you stopped trying to build your business based on your skills, and leveraged your worth in the marketplace, instead?

Think about it! If you’re anything like me, you went to school to get your credentials—to increase your credibility.

But there’s a flaw in this reasoning, too. When I was 12 years old, my mother took a pair of scissors and cut off all my hair. Afterward, I decided I was stupid because I didn’t move. Get this: ONLY a stupid person would go get four degrees—including a second master’s degree AND a Ph.D. from Stanford University. Why?

Because I was trying to prove to myself that I wasn’t stupid.

Education, training, and credentials have been positioned as the credibility one needs to be successful.

But in reality, your credibility is directly connected to your self-worth. Most high-achievers don’t believe they are worthy, so we try and prove it by amassing TONS of credibility—education, money, social proof, the right home, neighborhood, a nice car, two kids—so we FEEL like we have THE RIGHT to speak, to sell, to present, to teach. And we hide. We hide in plain sight behind our credentials, our titles, our affiliates.

And the problem with all of this is that we still haven’t made the transition from proving we are worthy to building true holographic wealth.

The bottom line: A good education can be bad for business. The behaviors we once learned and used to survive are the exact ones running our business. Our inability to fail keeps us playing small. And we have used education as a way to gain credibility to prove our worthiness instead of healing our hearts, so we can leverage our worth in the marketplace.  

I say we STOP trying to position our skills, talents, gifts, experiences, pedigrees, and affiliates in the marketplace, and START elevating our worth.


Well, the first step is to realize that you have something completely distinct and precious to offer the world. There are literally millions of people out there praying for what only YOU can bring, and they are willing to pay top dollar for it through you. That means you’re sitting on a gold mine! You have a Million-Dollar Moneymaker, I promise you. And it is not your talents, gifts, skills, experience, work ethic—none of those things. All of those aspects of you will serve your Million-Dollar Moneymaker, but they are not IT.

Your Million-Dollar Moneymaker is located in “your mess.” It was forged in life’s fire when life broke your heart.

(Stay tuned for my next post, where I’ll give you some tips for identifying your genius in your mess—and how that relates to MANIFESTING!)

Your mess has meaning, sis. God didn’t let you go through the fire for no reason. You were BORN for greatness! And your walk, that which was forged in the fire and that make you special, truly IS the answer to millions of people’s prayers.

#godissmarterthanus #youarenotamistake

Post your thoughts about traditional education’s role in your business below, so we can bear witness.

With all the love my heart can hold…

Dr. Venus


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  1. Dallas Redding

    This is so meaningful to me, just like your other post I just commented on. I am searching for a way to bring in the income that I would have had by now from proper money management. This was not possible for me during my middle years due to circumstances and then massive loss later in life. At 60, I am still a private tutor only making enough to make daily ends meet. But over the last year I have had serious problems with believing in what I am teaching. It does not seem relevant and I am wishing daily I could let it go and do something more meaningful. My daughter insists there are tons of people (women especially) seeking for what I know about survival and emotional development after mid life trauma that to the outside world doesn't look like trauma at all. I am at a crossroads knowing this is true, and that I need to go out there to do something unique and different with human value at its core, yet cannot put my finger on exactly what or how. Thanks for the inspiration. I have not seen this verbalized till now!
  2. Akamilah

    I am finally to a point where I can no longer hold back who I am. I'm ready more than ever! I did not have the traditional education, but for the past 20 years, I've had the honor to work in the fields that interested me most (Education & Social Service). But that chapter of my life is now closed, because I can no longer find feasible work in those areas bc I'm not degreed. I am embarking on cutting the middle-man out and going straight to the source of my finances, one on one. I thank you Dr. Venus for all you do! XOXO!!!
    • Dr. Venus

      Great choice. Go to www.DefyImpossible.com/gift This may help you in cutting out the middle man. :-) I am proud of you. Dr. Venus

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