Today, I’m honoring the Queen of Sales Conversion, Lisa Sasevich.

Talk about a White woman who has my back!

You probably know her name—she teaches entrepreneurs who “hate the sales part” how to leverage their talents, products, and services into massive profits without sounding salesy.

And she’s helped over 15,000 clients in 134 countries earn more by doing what they love most … including me! #holla!

I have invested in a LOT of internet marketing leaders, but Lisa stands out. She has given my endless, unconditional support, and I am so grateful.

I met Lisa seven years ago (May 11, 2011 to be exact!) at her Events Profit Secrets Event. I remember Kym Yancey had reached out to Lisa on my behalf, because at that time, I was still teaching as a professor. I wanted desperately to get out of that career, but didn’t know how to do anything but teach. I didn’t have $5k to pay for EPS. I was living on credit cards. But I trusted Kym, and if he said I needed Lisa’s systems, then I was going to find (or create) a way to get to her.


As a favor to Kym, Lisa waived the $5k fee to attend (#sogenerous)! All I had to do was cover my material cost, flight, and hotel. When I arrived, I found myself in a room of a bunch of rich, successful White people and felt inferior. Lisa gave me a big hug, went out of her way to put me on stage to share in front of such a prestigious room, AND she even learned a dance move from me that she and I did from the stage… together. NEVER had I had such support from a White woman in front of rich White people in my entire life! I felt, seen, included, celebrated, and loved.


She’s been my mentor and advocate ever since! She’s asked me to speak on her stage, do livestreams, mentioned me in articles … you name it.


And I look up to her, sis. Even when the industry was not kind to her, she always chose the high road.


She has also championed my focus on Black Women, NEVER once even suggesting I try to be more “inclusive” (yes, I’ve heard that a lot from others in the industry!).


But what I love MOST about her is that she has lovingly stood in her power, and she loves God openly.


She has been—and still is—an extraordinary mentor and role model. She is my champion, and I hold her close to my heart always.


Who is YOUR champion, sis?

Post below, so we can bear witness to the one who has held you up!

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  1. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Donna</a>

    My CHAMPION is my daughter. Unfortunately, I don’t have a CHAMPION when it comes to the business world. Sad but true. I’ve been in relationship marketing for many year......successful at some and not so successful at others...but I’ll never give up because I believe in me. But, I do know that I need a CHAMPION!
    • Dr. Venus

      I hear you, Donna. Perhaps you have a champion in your space that you don't see. I have noticed I was looking for people in front or above me of me--not to the people on the left, right or behind me who were on my side. You may have a champion in one area but in all areas. I invite you to look again. Your daughter may, in fact, be one of your strongest champions. I invite you to be open to seeing champions at all levels. And if there aren't any in your immediate circle, locate champions in books, TV, film, classes and hobbies. I hope this helps. Dr. Venus
  2. Lisha

    Dr Venus, God will allow people to come into our lives to make an impact! Supporters and non supporters teach us valuable lessons. It’s up to us to see the lesson. The ones you thought would support you, but turned their backs on you, forgive them and don’t speak negative about them. Your reputation of how you talk about them matters very much to God during this time. It’s only a test! He’s watching how you react. It was a surprise to you, but not to Him.Thank God He’s the One who didn’t turned His back on you. You will always get other supporters, but you will never get another Great God! If you fall and hope someone is there to support you, and they’re not, watch God put another person in your life to be what you need at that time! Blessings come in ALL colors!
    • Dr. Venus

      Hi Lisha, Thanks for this insightful post. I completely agree and hear you. I love this line, "Blessing come in ALL colors!" Ashe! Dr. Venus

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