I cleaned my closet. I’m taking one moment at a time. Being open to God’s will for my life. Making room for prosperity in the form of experiencing being taken care of holistically: financially, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and sexually.

My new business buddy, Kisma Donna Orbovich, asked me what I wanted last week and shared my desire to experience love in the form of tangible care.

Since then I’ve been being with this truth: in my ENTIRE life, I have always provided. Even in Momma’s house. I would work—underage— scrubbing floors and selling shoes at Kenny Shoe Store in Mondomin Mall in Baltimore. I give my checks to Monma. With my very first check I bought my oldest sis Nichole (RIP) riding boots.

I have always provided. Not as an obligation but as a deep honor to take care of those I love and consider my own.

I didn’t realize it until speaking with Kimsa about prosperity, that I have a practice of buying love.

I wrote and did three Facebook Lives about this after I posted my well-being update. I did my first live about the sadness of this realization on Wed. On Thursday the manifestation happened. Saturday, God kicked the manifesting doors OFF THE HINGES!

Here are the videos:

Declaring my desire:




REALITY WRECKING experience that manifested:


Oh My GWRD Manifesting Breakthrough! This one is SOOOOOO B-more. Pure street. #girdyourloins:



I am being with that I really CAN have the desires of my heart—without putting out, giving head, or paying for it in any way shape, or form. As a girl from the streets, this is nothing short of a manifested miracle. A new reality is arising… and I am taking it on.

I love you,

Dr. Venus



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  1. Dorothy Hix

    This is true and my heart is broken I just recently had a 3x bypass heart surgery from many things. I am over stress I am only 55 I have giving everyone my all and I am the one broken. In this world we have many people thats happy only if you giving them what they want. .

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