In my last post, I talked about how every person has pain, no matter their race or religion.

Well recently, I experienced something that speaks to this point … and #realtalk—it kind of
messed with my whole reality.

A friend of mine was doing an event in Costa Rica. In the room, she kept deferring to a certain
group of people. I couldn’t understand why, so I asked her … after all, SHE is the
expert. The attendees came to see HER and learn from HER wisdom.

So what the hell was she doing??

Turns out that the people she was deferring to are Jewish. She’s German, and she didn’t want to
“abuse” her power as a descendant of Hitler.

#mindblown. I didn’t realize it ran so deep.

THAT is the historical/cultural wound that holds her back. Because of it, she wasn’t pouring into
the people who were there the way she really could have.

Then I saw it again … with another one of my friends who is of Asian ancestry. She is absolutely
brilliant. I mean, she gets shit DONE … behind the scenes.

She can’t step into the spotlight … because that would be looked down upon by people of her

So she loses money. She holds herself back because of the historical wound that tells her she can
be brilliant, but not SEEN.

My Latino sisters … I’ve seen them forced to choose between their families and their dreams.
They’re told they can’t have both. And God forbid they choose to follow their dreams—then
they’re traitors.

Do you see? How our wounds impact our money?

I believe God is showing me these things—that God is BLOWING MY MIND—right now
because it’s time for me to evolve … to expand the conversation. Perhaps God is forcing me to heal the wounds I am working on right now around the absence of my father, Jesus, and with Black Men, so I can help even more people heal … so we have a world that works… for everyone.
You know I stand for Black Women. My sisters carry me. That’s how we made The Black Woman Millionaire book a bestseller in three hours.

But it wasn’t only Black Women who drove that book to #1. It was Black men, White men, German Women, and people WORLDWIDE who listen to my Word on a regular basis. My tribe is inclusive, empowers my leadership, and loves me in all my messiness. As I heal, emotionally mature, and spiritually evolve, I am really BEing with how important my Word and my work is in the world.
The truth is, people of BOTH genders, races, and religions have historical and cultural
wounds. So my Word feeds those who have ears to hear.

When I turn on the TV and I hear hurt dressed in anger, I feel selfish. I can see how the wounds of the past murder trust. When wounds talk, we war. We “war” on the news, we war with police and their wounds, and we war in our personal relationships. We’re so busy trying to get respect (as a man) or be heard (as a woman) that we don’t heal the wounds that impact our money. And be clear: when you have your own money, you are no longer a slave to other people’s wounds.

I am still sorting all of this out, but I want to include you, my cherished tribe, in my evolution. I feel Spirit compelling me to make room for those willing to heal their heart from the historical and cultural wounds that hold them back. Right now, Black Men specifically … but my sisters worldwide, too, over the next year.

To further this conversation, I have a fundamental question to ask you … in my
next post.

So stay with me. Watch for it.

It really is time.

Comment below, so we can bear witness:

Do you have a historical/cultural wound that you’ve inherited? How does it hold you back?

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  1. Lucy Mckee

    Thank You soooooooo much Dr. Venus for that enlightenment and truthful Word. My hurt extends from a family secret of rape, being used and abused by men, I THOUGHT LOVED ME. I don't see My real Worth. I love God, I trust and have faith in God. I just have trouble in finding My Worth and using it to be successful. Please keep me in your prayers and teachings. Sincerely Your Sister and follower, Lucy Mckee
  2. Ana

    Hi Dr. Venus, Thank you for always standing for truth and healing. My historical wounds run deep and I’m my 40’s I am only just know seeing the impact on every area of my life including my money. I grew up with a father who was deeply emotionally wounded because of the physical and emotional abuse that he endured. Before he claimed his healing and transformed he would rage, fall into suicidal depressions and was just incredibly emotionally needy. It was exhausting. There was no room to process my feelings and emotional needs because his were all encompassing and our whole family was oriented around keeping him calm unless he fly into a destructive rage or turn on himself in despair. I learned how to ignore and suppress my needs. I didn’t want to stress him out and cause him anymore anguish. In addition to that he was a brilliantly talented man and very popular and successful in his work. There were always people around who wanted his time and attention and a piece of his success. I learned early on to make things look good from the outside because people were always watching. They wanted what they thought we had, the obvious signs of success, the house, cars, money, carefree “do as I please lifestyle” but they didn’t know the extent of the pain we dwelled in on a daily basis. The pain that fueled my fathers work. This is the backdrop where I learned to silence my emotions and silence my voice. This is were I learned that my needs didn’t matter but other people’s did. This is why I attract wounded emotionally distance people like my spouse, who I am just beginning to see is a reflection of me. This is why I chose the field of work I am in. A field that is emotionally taxing, and where I am a professional container for other peoples mess. This is the history of my pain. God help me. God help us.
    • Dr. Venus

      Dear Ana, Beautiful introspection. Thank you for sharing with us. I bear witness to your walk. Keep walking sis. You are almost on the other side. :-) Dr. V

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