Do you pray, sis?

I do. All the time. Every day.

I pray for my wife, for Nanna, for my family, my friends, my sisters, my team … I pray for guidance, personally and professionally, so I can make the difference I know I was born to make.

I pray for YOU. And I pray for your business, as your vehicle for transforming lives.

I pray for Defy Impossible, Inc.—MY vehicle for transforming lives, one seven-figure sister at a time, as The Black Women Millionaires Mentor™.

Our businesses allow us to change the world.

I don’t separate my faith and my business. God (and prayer) is a HUGE part of Defy Impossible.

Today, I thought back over the years, about what I’ve prayed for. And I wanted to share a few of my prayers with you.

Like this one, from a while back now, when I felt lost and desperate for guidance:

Show me Lord, what is it that You want me to do, and I will pour my heart into it gladly. Teach me how to pray and what
to pray for. Show me Your ways, and I will do my best to follow. Hear me as someone who wants desperately to make good on the life You spared. I want so badly to please You Lord. I keep trying, and trying. You kept me alive for a reason. I know that I am emotional, and impulsive, and sensitive, and not the best with details. I can’t spell and I suck at syntax. But Lord, that doesn’t mean I can’t glorify You. That doesn’t mean I can’t inspire others to keep going when all hope is gone. That doesn’t mean I can’t help somebody. I try to love the people You allow me to touch with the deep, compassionate love You have cloaked me in throughout my journey. So I will keep going.

I’ve kept going for as long as I can remember. Giving up just isn’t a choice, for me.

And when I’ve been tempted to give up, prayer has lifted me up, and made me keep going.

Here’s another:

You are my breath
You are the beat of my heart
You are the blood dancing through my veins
and until You say otherwise
I will do the next step in front of me and the next step and the next step
to honor the calling on my life
and fulfill my destiny

It’s amazing, how God shows up for you, when you ask.

And as the holiday season comes into full swing, I am so grateful to have the opportunity right now to offer one more prayer to you, now, in love:

Dear God,

To know You is to love You. And I do love You Lord.

Thank You for never leaving me. For always, in all ways, waiting on me to hear You. I give thanks that You give me ears to hear You so very clearly, when I get quiet. I give thanks for You bringing blessings to me that I never could have asked for. My life is Your life. You are my God. As long as I live, I will do my very best to make You proud.

My whole life is ordered around You, knowing how deeply I appreciate You.

You spared my life.

You saved my life.

You have put people in my path to help me heal and to make me whole.

You have loved me so completely, as myself.

You have come to me and met me where I am, no condemnation. No judgement. NO punishment. Nothing but love.

You let me curse and pray in the same breath–I even imagine you smiling at the thought that I would think You would be offended by my antics.

You just love me.

And You only bring people into my life who love me, just the way I am.

I have learned to love the way You do.

I try to see myself through Your eyes and I am moved by what You see.

God, You see me as the embodiment of Yourself made flesh.

You let me be Your hands and Your feet and Your mouth.

You grant me Your favor, Lord. Someone so hurt, so damaged. So less.

And YOU keep raising me up.

Thanks for staying with me, sis, as I become what God needs me to be in order to fulfill my destiny … as I continue to grow into that ever-expanding space!

I thank you for the bigness of your heart, the generosity of your spirit, and your courageous commitment to living a life free and joy-filled. YOU are my hero. I love you and I thank God for your presence on the planet. Thank you for allowing me in your life and for reading my words. It is an honor to be able to contribute to you.

If you feel inclined, share one of your favorite prayers with us, below, that raises YOU up.

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  1. Jay

    God please put the people in my life you are pleased with. God please protect me from the evil in this life and the afterlife.
  2. Angela

    God You never forgot all who are oppressed for their righteousness is of You., You deliver my life from destruction, You heal me and my soul blesses You
  3. Mary-Elaine Horn

    Good morning God! Thank you for waking me up to continue in this journey that you have planned for me. Command your Angels to keep my heart when I feel faint. Let my mind remember that I am anchor in you. Allow my body to move to your command and my Spirit Woman to be renewed each day.
    • Dr. Venus

      Pure power Mary-Elaine! I love the way you evoke various aspects of living. Thank you so very much for letting us into your prayer life... Dr. V
  4. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Rosalind Shavers</a>

    Oh, Dr. V...this was so amazing, so needed, and so on time. Yes, I pray constantly and on a daily basis. One of my prayers: Lord, help me to be a light to those around me. Help me to be a great example of YOUR Goodness, Grace, and Mercy. I thank You for allowing me to do what I love to make a living and a life. I thank You for everything and everyone because I know for sure that it's all for my good🙌🏿.
  5. Gabby

    Please make my purpose clear and reachable. Surround me with doers and not takers. And lastly, make me better than I was yesterday.
  6. Yolanda Whitfield

    God its me your princess. I want to truly thank you frim the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me and still doing. Words could never extend my gratitude. Father I really need you in ever aspect of my life. I dont feel smart enough to do the work you have called me to do. I know you have chosen me for a reason and I know you will strengthen me in my weakest areas. Im just being honest I can barely spell I feel as though I repeat myself im my conversations. My worst fear is disappointing you because I always have. I cant seem to accomplish or complete much at all and im very hard myself. Father I want and desire so much to put a smile on your face and you say well done my good and faithful servant. After all I have went through in my life you still yet love and protect me.Please allow me to me around those that will push me to be successful as I am doing your work for the kingdom. Im trying so hard to finish this book and it seems as I hit a road block. Continue to order my steps in your divine way and lead me on to your divine purpose. In Jesus Name I love you. Thanks Dr V you have been do inspiring and one day I pray I can with you. Love you
    • Dr. Venus

      Beautiful. Absolutely exquisite. Thank you so very much, Yolanda for sharing this prayer with us... Sincerely, Dr. Venus

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