1. {Strategy} What do you have to “heal” to “have” YOUR dreams?

    I never wanted much. Not stuff. Houses. Cars. I never want them because I had never had them. I wanted out. I wanted better. I wanted safety and warmth. I wanted love. I wanted acceptance. I wanted protection. I wanted to be heard. I wanted to be believed. I wanted to be liked by the one person who would have aborted me if Spirit hadn’t intervened. It has taken me close to three decades to want.…Read More

  2. Money Words: Twelve Terms that Will Help You Talk Money Like a Pro!

    Have you ever been in a money conversation and found yourself completely clueless? You know the kind of conversation, right? You’re chatting it up at some networking event, or kicking it with a financial guru, and you listen, smile, but don’t have ANY idea what they are talking about?   Well, at least I didn’t. I would just nod my head and try to figure out what an “asset” meant in the …Read More

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  4. Hello world!

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  5. Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!…Read More

  6. Strategic Visioning: Surviving the Death of a Dream

    What do you do when a dream dies? You know the dream--the start-up getting an angel investor; the promise of a promotion that you have worked years to earn; the prelude of a soft smile and tender eyes from across the room every weekday for  over year. That dream. The dream you nurture with time spent away from your children, late nights in front of the computer, or flights to far away lands. The …Read More

  7. Never Give Up On You!

    Have you ever just wanted to give up? Throw in the towel? Quit? You don't—but you punish yourself on the down-low? You stay, but you stop going to the gym. You participate, but you check your Blackberry while you are sitting in the meeting. You go to the event, but sit by the bar and snacks, make friends with the Apple Martini but ignore your coworkers; you are there but you are really gone. To …Read More