1. Stupidity of Survival: How It Kills of RIVERS Of Revenue (& How to Stop It!)

    This is embarrassing. But it’s true. I got my feelings hurt and killed off an ENTIRE revenue stream. I mean, BIG money. But because I was insulted and hurt, I stopped speaking live on other people’s stages. Here’s the stupidity of survival: my best conversion stats are ALL LIVE SPEAKING. For the first two years of me learning how to be an entrepreneur, I supplemented my meager university pay…Read More

  2. How to STOP the Past from Sabotaging Profits

      This was a hard one. It hurt me. And the moment this happened, all the old tapes and survival strategies that are designed to keep me safe kicked in. When I get thrown to the past, my reactions are HUGE and visceral. The degree I am emotionally invested in someone—be it a team member, a client, peer, or even family—is the degree to which the betrayal breaks my heart. This one took me all th…Read More

  3. Lean into the P.A.I.N.: the Streets to 7-Figure Success

    I received this question on Facebook and thought it would be important for you to know how I got off the streets. “One question for you: Once you had experienced all your shit (you went through so much), what shifted in you, that changed you?” What changed in me was that I started to see myself as not my body or my circumstances. My 9th grade math teacher treated me different from everyone els…Read More

  4. The love of our fathers…

    My wife’s father passed last night. My chest aches, my head is thick, and my body feels heavy. Lisa is doing better than me. My favorite memory of Lisa's dad was at her mom's kitchen table. Lisa's father was an entrepreneur. He was the first Black man to have a construction company in Amarillo, Texas. We were having breakfast that his wife for over 71 years had made for us, talking about me sta…Read More

  5. Sh!t’s Been Crazy, BUT the tide has turned…

    Sh!t’s been crazy!!!! Ever since last October, my business has been in breakdown. My survival had me hire people who were amazing human beings but were not built for a rapidly expanding business. By the time I figured it out, I had a tax bill for $50,000, I had lost potential revenue of $100,000, ALL of my systems broke down, and I became violently ill—on my anniversary. #wtf! I felt lost, emb…Read More

  6. Stop Losing $$$ by Being “Strong”

    This week I had my stylist and my videographer come to my home to do a video shoot! Why? Because I am starting to value my time. If you are anything like me, you know how to grind. I have made my own way in the world, and that has served me. But that survival strategy of getting it done—no matter what—is actually costly. Here’s how. I can spend HOURS managing social media, writing copy, tend…Read More

  7. I’m so sorry…

    I feel so foolish right now. I had planned on launching all of my New Year “newness,” and NONE of it’s ready. I feel embarrassed—like I spoke too soon. The truth is, I needed to upgrade my current videos, photos, images, and brand BEFORE launching the “newness,” and I didn’t account for the time it would take to get 4 different teams to coordinate.   It’s coming, but it’s behind…Read More

  8. You Can’t Make Money When You’re Mad

    As far as I am concerned, money is a heart condition. It is an external manifestation of an internal state. Simply put… … you can’t make money when you are mad. You can’t make money when you are in survival mode. And you can’t make money when you don’t have credibility with yourself. My money grew when I took on healing my heart of ALL grievances—personal, professional, historical. T…Read More

  9. Wishes For a Happy Holiday and a Special Holiday Tip

    I'll be brief. I thank GOD for you. I wanted to take a moment to send a quick note to wish you a very Happy Holiday and share with you a special holiday tip that will directly impact your money in 2015. 2015 is going to be OFF THE CHARTS! #blackwomenmatter #defyimpossiblebaby #itsnotonlyyourtimebutyourturn It's time to claim your DIVINE inheritance. It's time to make your MARK on human history. I…Read More

  10. Hiring Black: Keeping it Real or Ruining Your Business?

    I am stunned. Shocked. Angry. Hurt. I want to cry and curse in the same breath. She quit. Right before my launch. Right when I needed her most. And she got shitty about it. The more understanding I was, the nastier she acted out. “Who do you think you are?” The meanness in the curl of her lips was painful. All I could do was hang up the phone and cry… As a CEO, I have gone out of my way to h…Read More