1. 7-Figure Sister Strategy: Practice Builds Profits!

    When Lisa and I were in Cambodia last year, we donated time to a dental clinic for kids. It was a deep time of reflection. I unplugged from my business and social media for 14 days. It was there that I decided I need a “physical spirituality.” I have been working on myself for over 2 decades and wanted a way to feel God and take care of my body. I decided to take an 8-week intensive Hot Yoga T…Read More

  2. 7-Figure Sister Strategy: Slow Down to Speed Up!

    This VERY exciting. I am starting a new practice of as of today! At least once a week, I will share a 200 word or less strategy to empower you on your path to 7-figure success! This week Lisa and I had put a bid in for our "show" house. But something wasn't right. It wasn't the house--it was me. I felt rushed, like I was trying to force and outcome so I didn't disappoint my wife. Here is the truth…Read More

  3. I’m so sorry…

    I feel so foolish right now. I had planned on launching all of my New Year “newness,” and NONE of it’s ready. I feel embarrassed—like I spoke too soon. The truth is, I needed to upgrade my current videos, photos, images, and brand BEFORE launching the “newness,” and I didn’t account for the time it would take to get 4 different teams to coordinate.   It’s coming, but it’s behind…Read More

  4. Having Power REQUIRES Giving Up Control

    As you may know, my mother-in-law has been ailing.   So much so that I had to put my wife on a plane to tend to her mom, who’s 91.   Lisa, my wife, was gone for two weeks. She’s home now (yay!) and we are headed to Cambodia for a much-needed vacation and quality time together. I took her to a Mavs game to make her laugh and to lighten up. It worked, and the Mavs CRUSHED the Lakers!#letsgomav…Read More

  5. Please… Pray for My Family…

      This week I was supposed to send you an ezine.   But I can’t seem to focus.   We recently were told that my wife’s mom, Mrs. Marie, is ailing, so much so that I had to fly my baby home to tend to her mom. She has been gone for two weeks. (#imissmywife)   That being said, Mrs. Marie’s spirits were up a few days ago. Lisa face-timed me with her mom, and Mrs. Marie laughed at my jokes.  …Read More

  6. I Almost Threw Up: Lessons from a Sister Millionaire $$$ Mogul

    I thought I was going to pass out. I got dizzy and my throat contracted. My survival kicked in. My survival, I call her Worthless Wanda, started talking shit…   Me (Venus): It’s only a dress and a pair of shoes. Calm down.  Worthless Wanda: Have you lost your DAMN mind!!!! Do you know how many people could eat for the price of this overpriced, ugly ass outfit? (Bulging eyes, veins popping ou…Read More

  7. Loving God, Being Gay, & Making $$$

      I love God and I love my wife. I am a Black Gay Woman Millionaire who is fully self-expressed. I had a situation that hurt me.   I hadn’t felt this type of heartbreak in years. It put me in bed for 3 days. It’s taken me weeks (which is dog years for me) to write about it. I am just now able to be with the weight of the hurt. I actually was trying to hire someone else to start writing my ez…Read More

  8. Stupidity of Survival: How It Kills of RIVERS Of Revenue (& How to Stop It!)

    This is embarrassing. But it’s true. I got my feelings hurt and killed off an ENTIRE revenue stream. I mean, BIG money. But because I was insulted and hurt, I stopped speaking live on other people’s stages. Here’s the stupidity of survival: my best conversion stats are ALL LIVE SPEAKING. For the first two years of me learning how to be an entrepreneur, I supplemented my meager university pay…Read More

  9. How to STOP the Past from Sabotaging Profits

      This was a hard one. It hurt me. And the moment this happened, all the old tapes and survival strategies that are designed to keep me safe kicked in. When I get thrown to the past, my reactions are HUGE and visceral. The degree I am emotionally invested in someone—be it a team member, a client, peer, or even family—is the degree to which the betrayal breaks my heart. This one took me all th…Read More

  10. Lean into the P.A.I.N.: the Streets to 7-Figure Success

    I received this question on Facebook and thought it would be important for you to know how I got off the streets. “One question for you: Once you had experienced all your shit (you went through so much), what shifted in you, that changed you?” What changed in me was that I started to see myself as not my body or my circumstances. My 9th grade math teacher treated me different from everyone els…Read More