1. Your Feelings are F!@#$ing Your $$$

    (Hmm… maybe I should apologize now.) Why? Because I am about to talk about how your emotions are killing your cash and murdering your money. I don’t know any other way to say it, sis, so forgive me. (ALL of the street in me is about to come out.) Baby girl, your feelings are f!@#$ing your $$$. Don’t believe me? Take this 10-question quiz and let’s see. (Look, sis, I’m willing to be wrong…Read More

  2. Pimp-Slap Survival: Turn Your Mess Into Millions

    May I be real with you—just straight-up street? (Polite pause) Okay. Right now I feel like a little b!tch. I never imagined success being harder than surviving the streets. I am angry, embarrassed, frustrated, and hurt that I could survive “Momma-n-em,” get up off the streets, get clean, get educated—but the moment I start making big money, all my sh!t shows its a$$. I’m not kidding. Loo…Read More

  3. Undermining Your Millions

    I have no idea what I am going to say to you right now. I guess I will start with the truth: I am tired again. I am growing again—and every time my business up-levels, my team and systems break down. This time someone hacked my email and my server crashed. #blessgood I use to get upset by it. Now I see it for what it is: rapid growth. I called Nana after a particularly hard week—someone messed…Read More

  4. Stop Losing $$$ by Being “Strong”

    This week I had my stylist and my videographer come to my home to do a video shoot! Why? Because I am starting to value my time. If you are anything like me, you know how to grind. I have made my own way in the world, and that has served me. But that survival strategy of getting it done—no matter what—is actually costly. Here’s how. I can spend HOURS managing social media, writing copy, tend…Read More

  5. I’m so sorry…

    I feel so foolish right now. I had planned on launching all of my New Year “newness,” and NONE of it’s ready. I feel embarrassed—like I spoke too soon. The truth is, I needed to upgrade my current videos, photos, images, and brand BEFORE launching the “newness,” and I didn’t account for the time it would take to get 4 different teams to coordinate.   It’s coming, but it’s behind…Read More

  6. You Can’t Make Money When You’re Mad

    As far as I am concerned, money is a heart condition. It is an external manifestation of an internal state. Simply put… … you can’t make money when you are mad. You can’t make money when you are in survival mode. And you can’t make money when you don’t have credibility with yourself. My money grew when I took on healing my heart of ALL grievances—personal, professional, historical. T…Read More

  7. Wishes For a Happy Holiday and a Special Holiday Tip

    I'll be brief. I thank GOD for you. I wanted to take a moment to send a quick note to wish you a very Happy Holiday and share with you a special holiday tip that will directly impact your money in 2015. 2015 is going to be OFF THE CHARTS! #blackwomenmatter #defyimpossiblebaby #itsnotonlyyourtimebutyourturn It's time to claim your DIVINE inheritance. It's time to make your MARK on human history. I…Read More

  8. Hiring Black: Keeping it Real or Ruining Your Business?

    I am stunned. Shocked. Angry. Hurt. I want to cry and curse in the same breath. She quit. Right before my launch. Right when I needed her most. And she got shitty about it. The more understanding I was, the nastier she acted out. “Who do you think you are?” The meanness in the curl of her lips was painful. All I could do was hang up the phone and cry… As a CEO, I have gone out of my way to h…Read More

  9. You are God wrapped in flesh…

    I was thinking of you today. I want to give you something beautiful. I don’t know what that is. I don’t know what it looks like or tastes like. I thought about sharing a spoken-word piece I wrote when I was doing my dissertation at Stanford. I thought about including a monologue from my solo performance piece that went up off-Broadway. I want to give you something. Something beautiful. As powe…Read More

  10. The Power of Positioning

    It’s fall and I am no longer teaching at university. As you may know, I am a tenured professor. My faculty voted against me for tenure, but my provost vetoed their vote. He was the person who hired me ten years ago. He was also the one who secured my first paid leave of absence in 2012 and approved my second year of non-paid leave of absence so I could try doing this speaking and business mentor…Read More