1. How to STOP the Past from Sabotaging Profits

      This was a hard one. It hurt me. And the moment this happened, all the old tapes and survival strategies that are designed to keep me safe kicked in. When I get thrown to the past, my reactions are HUGE and visceral. The degree I am emotionally invested in someone—be it a team member, a client, peer, or even family—is the degree to which the betrayal breaks my heart. This one took me all th…Read More

  2. Lean into the P.A.I.N.: the Streets to 7-Figure Success

    I received this question on Facebook and thought it would be important for you to know how I got off the streets. “One question for you: Once you had experienced all your shit (you went through so much), what shifted in you, that changed you?” What changed in me was that I started to see myself as not my body or my circumstances. My 9th grade math teacher treated me different from everyone els…Read More

  3. Money Is Easy…

    No one believes me when I tell them this. But the truth is very simple: money is easy. It’s easy to make; it’s easy to grow. Here is the biggest secret about becoming a millionaire: give up your attachment to money. See—I told you it was easy. Let me change that. It’s simple—but not easy. You can’t make money when you’re mad, and you can’t create money when you are in “survival…Read More

  4. Stop Kissing A$$ and Betraying Yourself

    Something in me is changing. It feels good. Right. Natural. God and I have been communing for a while about faith, belief, and knowing. God has been with me through it all. I have covenants with Spirit and Spirit has covenants with me. For the last 3 years I have been praying a simple prayer: use me, Lord. My Lord, Let my breath be your breath. When I open my mouth to speak, let your blessed word …Read More

  5. I’m so sorry…

    I feel so foolish right now. I had planned on launching all of my New Year “newness,” and NONE of it’s ready. I feel embarrassed—like I spoke too soon. The truth is, I needed to upgrade my current videos, photos, images, and brand BEFORE launching the “newness,” and I didn’t account for the time it would take to get 4 different teams to coordinate.   It’s coming, but it’s behind…Read More

  6. You are God wrapped in flesh…

    I was thinking of you today. I want to give you something beautiful. I don’t know what that is. I don’t know what it looks like or tastes like. I thought about sharing a spoken-word piece I wrote when I was doing my dissertation at Stanford. I thought about including a monologue from my solo performance piece that went up off-Broadway. I want to give you something. Something beautiful. As powe…Read More

  7. A love letter to God

    My Lord and my God, It feels like a lifetime since I have told you how much I love you. Thank you, Lord, for using me. For choosing me. Thank you for blessing me with YOUR bounty. YOUR favor. YOUR love. I feel more peaceful and fulfilled than I ever have in my entire life. I am learning so much. Growing so much. Thank you for your vision for my business. Thank you for blessing me with a heart like…Read More

  8. Braving the Demons of Success

    I never imagined success taking courage. I thought that it would be easy. Not the grind of getting “there,” but having the experience of knowing you have “arrived.” Here’s the truth: Up-leveling REQUIRES upheaval. It’s not a choice. It comes with the territory. I think I spent my life trying to “get” somewhere to be “somebody.” A lot of my striving was a “fuck you” to the w…Read More