1. The Raw & Real Series: Powerless

    It’s the day before my hysterectomy. I feel … suspended. In nothingness. Nanna is here. (Isn’t she always, when I am in my greatest need? #blessed) Happy is in doggie daycare. I figured now is the perfect time to get him some training, since I won’t be able to take him for walks or take care of him the way he deserves for a bit. My mind is all over the place. My emotions change from minute…Read More

  2. The Raw & Real Series:Nothing

    In my last post, I talked about how I trapped the momma in me in a box, so she could never hurt anyone the way I was hurt.   What I didn’t tell you is that I wrapped that box in chains and buried it at the bottom of the sea. Where no one would find her … Where she couldn’t hurt anyone. I never expected anyone to let her out. But now that she’s free, I am forced to think about her. And whe…Read More

  3. The Raw & Real Series: in a Box

    Motherhood. One word—a million emotions. A million more, since the hysterectomy. In my last post, I talked about how I never thought I’d have a baby, because I was determined to never act out the violence I knew growing up on another soul. #realtalk: If you've been hurt the way I've been, you don't f%ck around with it. You just don’t. I don't f$ck around with hurting people I love. I’ll le…Read More

  4. The Raw & Real Series: Dragon Tattoo Part 2

    (Read Part 1 here.) Until all that was left was ME. God answered my prayer. And when He did, I had to let go of EVERYTHING I thought I had to hold onto in order to be loved. My body. My marriage. My hair. The friends who didn't give a fuck about me. And it was an awakening. Because my loyalty— coupled with my NEED to be useful—wouldn’t allow me to see what was right in front of me. Even wors…Read More

  5. The Raw & Real Series: Dragon Tattoo Part 1

    About a year ago, I prayed: "God, please get whatever is in my way OUT of the way, so I can truly fulfill my destiny." I never thought it would be my marriage. I never imagined it could be my body. I NEVER dreamed I’d have to embrace my self-hate. Let me start over. Actually, let me start at the beginning—the very beginning. My conception. "Thus saith the Lord, thy redeemer, and He that formed…Read More

  6. The Raw & Real Series: The Call That Changed My Life

    WARNING: This series is not for the faint of heart. I almost feel like you should opt in for it, so YOU remember you had a choice … READER DISCRETION ADVISED. I curse, cry, and pray—sometimes in the same breath. I am a hot mess on a good day. #youthinkimplayin I flex on a regular—especially with God. I talk to God like he is a Black Man who JUST got out of prison. So be warned. If you are ea…Read More

  7. Permission to Dream

    In my last post, I talked about choosing to evolve or become extinct. (You can read it here.) Today, I’m going to talk a little more about how this is playing out in my life, right now. So, remember how I said I’ve been moving into a new space as I continue healing my wounds around my father? If you know me, you know I don’t know him. And lately, for a minute now, I’ve been sitting with th…Read More

  8. Introducing … The Raw & Real Series

    This is a different post than you’re used to. You come here to read posts that pour into you as an entrepreneur—one who is hungry for seven figures. That’s what I do. And I know that’s what you look for from me, on this blog. But I can’t feed you that way right now, Beloved. Because life is shifting, for me. Walk with me … I can feel myself getting quiet on the inside. Resolved. Resolu…Read More

  9. Evolution or Extinction?

      “The only constant in life is change.” Greek Philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus As cash-flow focused entrepreneurs, we have to get used to rolling with the punches. Right? I mean, everything changes! Just think about the world of internet marketing. When I started my business eight years ago, I could send an email and people would respond. Now, I don't even read my emails! I just kind of…Read More

  10. Staying Motivated as a Cash-Flow Focused Entrepreneur

    In my last post, I asked if your problems might be blocking your paper.   If they are, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated—to lose hope and get stuck (which of course means more problems, and even less paper!).   So, how do you stay motivated, as a cash-flow focused entrepreneur? How do you keep going, when it seems like nothing is working? Here are a few ideas I use myself to con…Read More