1. {Strategy} #1 Secret to KEEPING High-End Clients…

    Needless to say, I love my tribe. I specifically thank God for my Black Women Millionaires Mastermind members. These women (and some brothers who love us) highly invest in themselves to work with me directly for one to three years. As a practice, I look for ways to overgive. I am always looking at how I can wow my clients who have trusted me with their dreams. So for our December Revenue Retreat, …Read More

  2. (Strategy): You are NOT going to believe this!

    I did something I have been dreaming about for YEARS but have been too punk-ass to try. I am taking my very first stand-up comedy class!!! And it’s been GREAT! It has been great for me to pour into ME instead of trying to save the world. Doing something that you have dreamed of doing is self-inspiring. It is also letting me know how little attention and time I have put on doing things that bring…Read More

  3. (Strategy) Election Result and Your Power

    What was your response when you heard the election result? Me? Well, I went through various emotions. I grieved. I mourned. I stopped breathing. I couldn’t sleep. I had trouble staying awake. In my heart I wailed. Then I prayed. I remembered our ancestors. Our people who died so that we could vote, live free and prosper. And I realized that just because the result didn’t go the way I wanted, t…Read More

  4. {Strategy} Hollywood was WONDROUS!

    I am actually getting excited about this future! Our producers were AMAZING, and each network we met with was warm and receptive. Now everything goes underground. I can’t talk about what’s next due to contract confidentiality. Please keep sending up prayers and positive energy for the perfect fit for me and one network who gets me and my genius. Since Hollywood, I have had a chance to reflect …Read More

  5. {Strategy} The #1 Secret to bringing in cash on demand…

    A few weeks back I did my Black Women Millionaires Live Luxury Experience. It was profound AND in some ways… heartbreaking. I realized Black Women at the level of Cultural Consciousness have quiet on our selves. There where sisters in the room who REFUSED to fill out an application to see if they qualified to work with me, because they decided, “I can’t afford it.” To not even look is a fo…Read More