1. Are You Ready to Fight … for YOU?

    I’m ready to fight alongside you, sis. I’m ready to fight for your money! Consider me your backup brawler, business coach, and all-around Money Mentor, so you can be the Black Woman Entrepreneur you’re meant to be! And this isn’t just any fight. I’m talkin’ a bare-knuckle, “break the beer bottle on the table” and “bring your shank” street fight brawl!!! You and me against whate…Read More

  2. The REAL Reason You’re Getting Paid Less Than You’re Worth

    You’ve tried building your business your way, sis. Is it working? Do you have the clients, the cash, and the respect you want as a Black entrepreneur? If you don’t, I’m willing to bet it’s because you’ve decided you’re not worth it. As Black Women, we have been victimized—but that’s not the same as being a victim. Being a victim is when you stop standing for yourself: when you stop…Read More

  3. What Do You Stand For?

    Before you answer, sit with me, for a minute, would you?   I’m not looking for a knee-jerk type response, here. It’s not about the current political climate, buzzword, or trendy movement.   What do you stand for in your soul?   What purpose have you—and God—chosen for you, for this lifetime?   I’ve revisited this question many times in my life. I confronted many fears…Read More

  4. 2 Ways to Make Money

    As a Black Woman Entrepreneur, I’m telling you that thinking you want or need to “build a business” will not set you up to be a Black Woman Millionaire. It’s a major undertaking, to build a business. But that isn’t why you’re here. You’re here to create the cash to FUND your business. There’s a difference. WARNING: Keep in mind: I am bilingual. I speak “street.” This video may …Read More

  5. Being Wired to Survive Means You’ll Never Thrive.

    Sis, we’ve learned how to make something out of nothing. Right? As a black woman, I understand. As your business coach, I say: it’s got to stop. You’ll never become a Black Woman Millionaire doing that. Here’s what you need to do instead.   WARNING: Keep in mind: I am bilingual. I speak “street.” This video may contain adult language. You should also know that I cry, curse, and pray …Read More

  6. Ready to Throw in the Towel? Girl, Step Away from the Rack!

    If you aren't moving forward in your business (and/or in your life), you may feel like throwing in the towel. And if you're ready to do that, you're probably questioning a whole lot of things, including yourself: Where am I failing? Why am I failing? Is nothing ever enough? What else do I have to sacrifice to get where I want to be? What is wrong with me? Let me guess, sis: You’ve been getting m…Read More

  7. The Key to Thriving in Success

    #realtalk:It doesn’t take courage to be successful. If you want to thrive in your success with full confidence and fulfillment, you have to be brave.And there IS a difference.Courage is about facing your fears, and taking action, with stomach churning and limbs trembling. Do you need it to be successful? Sure. But to WIN—to really thrive, enjoying all the sweat equity you’ve invested in you…Read More

  8. Cliché but True: You’ve got to spend money to make money.

    Sis, I’ve seen business coaches lying to us: saying you don’t need to have money to make money in business. You know I’m all about empowering strong Black Women to change their lives--and it’s possible. But thinking that you can do it without investing in yourself and into your business is foolish! When I offer small business coaching, I tell you straight. WARNING: Keep in mind: I am bilin…Read More

  9. 1 Thing That Will Keep You OFF the Fast-Track to Financial Independence—and What to Do Instead

    I understand the “get it done” hustle. Girl, you know I do! As strong Black Women, we are hardwired to hustle. Expected to make things happen, when they need to happen, no matter what. And to make SURE they happen, we think if we want it done “right,” we better do it ourselves. (Feel me?) As black women entrepreneurs, we’re expected to succeed! Figure things out. Do what has to be done, …Read More

  10. Answering the “What Do You Do?” Question.

    Do you know what it’s like to ask somebody “What do you do?” and get a canned answer? One that doesn’t make a lasting impression? Sis, you can’t step into your 7-figure destiny and become the next Black Woman Millionaire if you’re forgettable! When you know how to answer this question right, you create a conversation – and people practically BEG you to market to them. Check out this …Read More