1. Do You Pray for Your Business?

    Do you pray, sis? I do. All the time. Every day. I pray for my wife, for Nanna, for my family, my friends, my sisters, my team … I pray for guidance, personally and professionally, so I can make the difference I know I was born to make. I pray for YOU. And I pray for your business, as your vehicle for transforming lives. I pray for Defy Impossible, Inc.—MY vehicle for transforming lives, one s…Read More

  2. Team Building

    Love First, Money Second

    This month, I’ve been talking about growing. Scaling. Going BIGGER. And I talked about how, if you want to grow your business, it’s critical to invest in a kickass team. (If you missed it, you can read If You’re Ready to Go Bigger, THIS Is Critical here, and get my tips for building an incredible team that is a perfect fit for you and your business.) It’s almost Thanksgiving, which is why …Read More

  3. The Circle of Thanks

    Sitting around a huge Thanksgiving dinner with people you love, sharing what you’re thankful for. It’s a holiday tradition people share all across the U.S., right? It’s a “Circle of Thanks.” And it’s about more than the words. #realtalk: Giving ‘thanks’ is the most beautiful gift you can give.  So when you sit around the table and share your gratitude, you are giving the gift of a…Read More

  4. If You’re Ready to Go Bigger, THIS Is Critical.

    Two weeks ago, I talked about how, if you’re ready to touch MORE people with your gifts, make a bigger impact, AND generate the kind of paper that will LET you live the life you want for yourself, you have to take a leap. And that’s scary. I know. So I gave you tips to help you re-center yourself, stay in the game, and make the jump. Today I want to talk about one CRITICAL key to scaling your …Read More

  5. Are You Ready to Go BIGGER?

    If you’re ready to scale your business—to go BIGGER—you may feel like you’re standing on the edge of a cliff. Do you stay where you are, looking out over the beauty of what’s possible? Safe, but with “the dream” locked away in your mind and heart? Or do you leap, and risk the fall? I know how the chaos can feel inside, when you’re in front of something big. For me, that’s exactly…Read More

  6. Believe in you


    What would it take for you to believe you again? I don’t mean ‘believe in’ you; I mean to believe in you like you could take what you say to yourself to the bank and the money would be there. And I don’t, mean hope. I mean a deep knowing like you know “the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West” kind of knowing. Like knowing you are a man or knowing you are a woman–you don’t ha…Read More

  7. The Power of Anger

    When you read the title of this post, what’s your first thought? “Hell, yes! I’m an angry Black Woman. And I’m powerful.” Yes? Except that’s not what I’m saying here, sis. #realtalk: We ALL have reasons to be angry. Strong black women all around the world feel it. We walk around like the badasses we are, pressing on, no matter what life puts in front of us. No matter our history, our…Read More

  8. Finding Your Worth

    Sometimes you can’t see your own worth, as a Strong Black Woman and Black Woman Entrepreneur. Sometimes, you can’t see it until someone else sees it in you, and illuminates it for you. A business mentor can hold that space for you, and guide you into stepping into your worth and value as the beautiful being you are. WARNING: Keep in mind: I am bilingual. I speak “street.” This video may co…Read More

  9. Emotional Sabotage: Take Back Your Power

    Life can be cruel. People can be cruel. Sometimes, we (yes, you and I included), can be downright malicious, particularly when we are threatened. The threat of loss—stature, power, influence, credibility, livelihood, approval, love—makes us mean. I don’t care if you’re Mother Theresa or Gandhi: if put in the right set of circumstances, survival mode will kick in. Lashing out is the brain…Read More

  10. What Slavery Taught You about Pricing

    Slavery taught us Black Women that we can be bought and sold. When you’re working at an hourly rate, you’re telling the world that you can be bought, and your exact price point. It’s time to stop treating your business, and yourself, as a commodity—or you’ll never have the cash money you want! WARNING: Keep in mind: I am bilingual. I speak “street.” This video may contain adult langu…Read More