1. Black Women Artists as Entrepreneurs—My Girl Tyra Banks!

    This month on the blog, I’m featuring Black Women artists as entrepreneurs. Why? Because they are so much more than celebrities!! They are massively successful businesswomen who KILL IT in the entrepreneurial world! So many people think business has to “look” white. Masculine. (Think Starbucks. AT&T.) But the women I’m featuring this month crush that belief. They make their mark, while…Read More

  2. Commerce is a Two-Faced Charlatan

    It fronts as money, but its true power lies in its ability to shape mass-market swag. Commerce, as popularly regarded, is the ability to do business transactions – the exchanging of money for goods and services. That’s the easy side of commerce. It’s the part that we do without thinking about. The other side of commerce is social exchange. These are social transactions that build billionaire…Read More

  3. Honoring “Our Sisters from Other Misters!” White Women Standing for & with Us: Part 4

      Today, I’m honoring the Queen of Sales Conversion, Lisa Sasevich. Talk about a White woman who has my back! You probably know her name—she teaches entrepreneurs who “hate the sales part” how to leverage their talents, products, and services into massive profits without sounding salesy. And she’s helped over 15,000 clients in 134 countries earn more by doing what they love most … inc…Read More

  4. Honoring “Our Sisters from Other Misters!” White Women Standing for & with Us: Part 3

    Today, I’m honoring another of our awesome “Sisters from other Misters”: White women who have our back! Ms. Gloria Marie Steinman—you know the name, right? She’s a feminist, journalist, and political activist, and she stands for US, too. Co-founder of Ms. magazine and Women’s Media Center, an organization that works "to make women visible and powerful in the media,” she is also a med…Read More

  5. Honoring “Our Sisters from Other Misters!” White Women  Standing For & With Us : Part 1

    In February, I celebrated Black History Month by highlighting trailblazing Black brothers and sisters who paved the way for US today. Now, I’d like to recognize some of the White Women who love and support us having our own, too! These extraordinary women walked the talk. They stood up—and in some cases were viciously shot down—for us, as a People, and deserve to be recognized. I put you, si…Read More

  6. Black History Month: Honoring Those Who Have Paved the Way Part 3

    Today’s article is the last in a three-part series honoring the sisters and brothers who have paved the way for US to become Black Women Millionaires, in honor of Black History Month. I hope you enjoy reading about these “unsung” heroes as much as I appreciate sharing them with you, sis. They are the reason we are where we are, today. Miriam Makeba aka “Mama Africa” (March 4, 1932 – …Read More

  7. Black History Month: Honoring Those Who Have Paved the Way

    I LOVE that Black History Month is also in February, the MONTH of love … because I LOVE celebrating my People! #soproud #icanbecausetheydid This month gives me the perfect opportunity to recognize powerful sisters and brothers who have paved the way for US, today. George Washington Carver. He was a botanist and inventor, and I honor his genius and heart, because like me, his work came from a vis…Read More

  8. Pursuing Perfection Versus Embracing Excellence

    I know, it’s hard. It’s hard to be a high-achiever out to give your very best to the world and not slip into becoming driven. I understand. My entire client base is filled with brilliant, conscious, purpose-driven CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, experts, leaders, and Ph.D.s who want to make their mark, make a difference, and make millions. But we have a problem. Most high-achievers have learn…Read More

  9. A New Year, a New Reality

    THIS is the time to focus on the “New You,” right? It’s 2018! A chance to create a new reality for yourself, as a strong Black Woman! A new you, a new man, a new body, new success, new money … new something! I’m writing today to tell you that whatever it is for you, whatever change it is that you seek … you’ve GOT this. I know you do, because I believe in you. So, what do you intend …Read More