1. Business Friends + Building Businesses

    I had the honor of speaking at Rosetta Thurman’s Launch Your Business Boot Camp live event. Rosetta is the founder of the Happy Black Woman Community. It was holy. I felt so nurtured, valued, and loved by her and her tribe of truly HAPPY Black Women. We danced to ’80s music and I felt young again. Rosetta and I have committed to modeling for our sisters in success that as Black Women we can g…Read More

  2. Your “dream” or God’s will?

    Last week I was pissed. I couldn’t get ANYTHING to work right. My room block was way low—which means I would have to pay for rooms not used by guests at the special rate my event manager had negotiated. The VIP luncheon sales were behind. Which means I would have to pay for food no one would eat. And I felt behind on ATL ticket sales. I have been standing for 3 years to have 100 people, in one…Read More

  3. {Strategy} How Drama kills your Dollars…

    I’ve been really contending with how Black Women make money.   Not how we spend it, but how we make it.   I realize that we tend to make money when we NEED it.   If there is some crisis, breakdown, or urgency we will move mountains to “make it happen.”   Here’s the problem: that means you have to attract chaos and drama to overcome.   So you can’t make money with ease, grace, fulfil…Read More

  4. {Strategy} Creativity creates cash…

    Effort doesn’t make money.   Energy does.   Money is created. But if you are creatively bankrupt, your money can’t manifest.   If you want to manifest millions, you need to access your creativity.   Prince’s passing made me listen to music I hadn’t in years. Beyoncé dropped her new visual album and I wanted to write poetry again. I finally got the courage to wear my new dominatrix-ish…Read More

  5. (Strategy) Profit from being “The Problem.”

    Last week I was triggered. I felt like I was back on the streets. People’s cruelty took me back to my childhood where I was unprotected. The impact of the cruelty, violence, and unfairness on my little Black girl body had me shake, sob, and wail. While breathing through the impact of the past, I did a video. I see me grieving. Look, sis, I have forgiven the past. What I hadn’t tended to was th…Read More

  6. Welcome to Dr. Venus TV!

    It’s an AWESOME time in human history to be a Black Woman entrepreneur! Here’s why: According to Nielsen, by 2020 African American buying power is expected to reach $1.4 trillion, of which African American women control over 60%. African American women-owned businesses employed 272,000 workers and generated $44.9 billion in revenue in 2013. The number of companies started by African American w…Read More

  7. {Strategy} Let go to lead…

      In truth I am scared. Coming up off the streets, I learned to make my own way. Do it myself. But when you are out to fulfill your destiny, you have to let others in. Which can be very threatening—scary—to your sense of self. Case in point. I hire experts—people at the top of their game to help me with mine. One of my mentors took one look at my YouTube channel and said, “Give me your lo…Read More

  8. (Strategy) Feel like crap? Make $$$$ anyway.

    (Strategy) Feel like crap? Make $$$$ anyway.   If I told the truth right now, I feel like shit.   AND I have a tour stop, a wife, paying clients, and a launch that went sideways.   When I was on the streets, I became MASTERFUL at delaying my reactions until I was safe.   Well, I had some HUGE hits this week. I got through them very well… but it landed me in bed for 3 days.   AND I have a ne…Read More

  9. {Strategy} Do YOU think you’re pretty?

    When I was 12 years old I had a Jheri Curl.   Momma cut all my hair off. In bloody patches. Down to my scalp.   I have been wearing head rags ever since.   As I become celebrity, I am dealing with hair.   I had my hair natural for 13 years and felt most like myself.   I permed it, and my money went through the roof.   I had my first quick weave last December.   Now I am playing with wigs to…Read More

  10. {Strategy} Prayer & Faith Don’t Make $$$$

    I’m redesigning my ENTIRE business to make sure my clients recoup their investment with me within 3–6 months, depending on the action they take. I am hiring BEAST MODE experts to help me scale to $5m this year and $10m in 2017.   I realize on some level I have been running my business like a starry-eyed child; hoping, praying, wishing, having “faith” it will turn out.   But what if I too…Read More