1. (Strategy) Feel like crap? Make $$$$ anyway.

    (Strategy) Feel like crap? Make $$$$ anyway.   If I told the truth right now, I feel like shit.   AND I have a tour stop, a wife, paying clients, and a launch that went sideways.   When I was on the streets, I became MASTERFUL at delaying my reactions until I was safe.   Well, I had some HUGE hits this week. I got through them very well… but it landed me in bed for 3 days.   AND I have a ne…Read More

  2. {Strategy} Do YOU think you’re pretty?

    When I was 12 years old I had a Jheri Curl.   Momma cut all my hair off. In bloody patches. Down to my scalp.   I have been wearing head rags ever since.   As I become celebrity, I am dealing with hair.   I had my hair natural for 13 years and felt most like myself.   I permed it, and my money went through the roof.   I had my first quick weave last December.   Now I am playing with wigs to…Read More

  3. {Strategy} Prayer & Faith Don’t Make $$$$

    I’m redesigning my ENTIRE business to make sure my clients recoup their investment with me within 3–6 months, depending on the action they take. I am hiring BEAST MODE experts to help me scale to $5m this year and $10m in 2017.   I realize on some level I have been running my business like a starry-eyed child; hoping, praying, wishing, having “faith” it will turn out.   But what if I too…Read More

  4. {Strategy} What do you REQUIRE to Make $$$?

    Recently, I was working with sister millionaires in the making. The game-changer for the ladies was really telling the truth to this question: What do you REQUIRE to make money? When I was coming up off the streets, I needed five single $100 bills in an envelope under my mattress or at the top of a closet so I felt safe. If I don’t feel safe, I can’t make money.   As I have grown, what I requ…Read More

  5. (Strategy) Do You Trust God with Your Dreams?

    Three years ago, I got into this thing with God about the difference between faith, belief, and knowing.   Why would I need “faith” if I “believed” God is the source of my supply?   How do I become someone who KNOWS—like KNOWING water’s wet—that Spirit would never give me a vision that wasn’t ALREADY manifested in the mind of God?   I trust God to take care of my needs—but not…Read More

  6. (Strategy) Self-Image & Self-Talk Sabotage

    This is embarrassing…   I had planned to fail.   Well, actually I had planned to “just make it.”   I was reading through the yearly affirmations I wrote from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and the language tells a truth that is embarrassing.   Here’s a sample: “Fill 10 tour dates with an average of 60–100 people attending and closing at least 25% of qualified leads…”   …Read More

  7. (Strategy) When the world say YES…

    Can I tell you a secret?   I am “no” waiting to happen.   Because I am worried that the world will say “no” to my dreams, I play it safe.   Case in point.   For the 2016 Black Women Millionaires Blueprint 10-City Tour, I didn’t know if anyone would come. So to hedge my bets and be fiscally responsible, Team Defy Impossible and I decided on 50 seats per event, so if it failed, it woul…Read More

  8. 7-Figure Strategy: The Key to YOUR 7-figure quantum leap!

    Yoga tried to kill me. I took up Yoga Teacher Training because I wanted a “physical spirituality.” I want to cry and quit each time I fail. The part of me that is wounded (I call her “Worthless Wanda”) starts whispering in my ear how stupid I am. Or how fat and old I have become. Or how I can’t ever be satisfied with what I have.   And I listen to her.   I remember a time when Wanda wo…Read More

  9. 7-Figure Sister Strategy: Practice Builds Profits!

    When Lisa and I were in Cambodia last year, we donated time to a dental clinic for kids. It was a deep time of reflection. I unplugged from my business and social media for 14 days. It was there that I decided I need a “physical spirituality.” I have been working on myself for over 2 decades and wanted a way to feel God and take care of my body. I decided to take an 8-week intensive Hot Yoga T…Read More

  10. 7-Figure Sister Strategy: Slow Down to Speed Up!

    This VERY exciting. I am starting a new practice of as of today! At least once a week, I will share a 200 word or less strategy to empower you on your path to 7-figure success! This week Lisa and I had put a bid in for our "show" house. But something wasn't right. It wasn't the house--it was me. I felt rushed, like I was trying to force and outcome so I didn't disappoint my wife. Here is the truth…Read More