1. Never Give Up On You!

    Have you ever just wanted to give up? Throw in the towel? Quit? You don't—but you punish yourself on the down-low? You stay, but you stop going to the gym. You participate, but you check your Blackberry while you are sitting in the meeting. You go to the event, but sit by the bar and snacks, make friends with the Apple Martini but ignore your coworkers; you are there but you are really gone. To …Read More

  2. Bullying, Cruelty, & Hope

    I have faith in life after cruelty. Life can be cruel. People are cruel. Sometimes people, including you and I, can be downright malicious, particularly when we are threatened. I think about the bullying that is now becoming a nationally recognized epidemic because of the recent suicides of our youth. Books, programs, and commercials are materializing with regard to anti-bullying in schools. But b…Read More

  3. Demons & Dreams

    Your personal demons scream louder and louder the closer you get to fulfilling your dreams. At least that is how it is for me. Within the last two weeks I have had 4 publications, 1 cover story, 1 showcase where I absolutely shined, new friends who are where I want to be, and have been invited to apply for a top position at a research 1 university, which is a big deal in the academic world. I have…Read More

  4. Getting Out of the Ghetto

    "Leaving" the ghetto doesn't mean "getting out" of the ghetto. The ghetto is a mentality and it can be part of how you survive as an identity. The ghetto as  mental bondage can be with you if you are rich or poor; black or white; yellow or brown; Jew or Gentile. I come from the streets. So all my adult life has been about credit: getting good credit, having good credit, and paying my bills on tim…Read More

  5. Surviving the “Cluttered” You

    My identity has been trying to kill me. My identity, what I called my "cluttered" self (Worthless Wanda), has been in my ear and she has been putting a blaring spotlight on everything that is wrong me as a business person. Particularly in the area of money. Worthless Wanda is about 12 years old, she lives in a damp basement, and wears a potato sack that is so thin you can count her emaciated ribs.…Read More

  6. Trusting The Outcome

    Do you ever find yourself worrying about things that simply take your breath away, one inhale at a time? One of my clients has been funding a start-up out of his own pocket for the last 9 months, but is afraid if he does not get an investor soon, he is going to have to let the dream die. A friend called me up this week upset because she need to have "the talk" with her 10-year old daughter but fel…Read More

  7. Locating Your Own Innocence

    Sometimes the hardest thing to do is granting yourself self-forgiveness. I don't mean begrudging tolerance or quiet resignation. I mean looking for the commitment behind the actions that sometimes gets lost in the rat race to survive. I did a keynote this week in front of 250 educators. This is was the first time I did the keynote in this particular format. I was informed a week before that my tim…Read More

  8. Let People Love You

    I am learning how to love. Not so much feeling love, but rather to taste love in the sharing of life with others who are like-minded and kindhearted. I am in Mexico City with Lisa and a bunch of brilliant people from all over the world. We have convened to listen each other as we express our research concerning storytelling and identity construction.  The people I have met here are truly amazing.…Read More

  9. Let your LIFE shine

    You only get one life. I have decided to let my life shine. I have hired a publicist, a branding expert, and I am going to Mexico City to present my work. My life is a creation and I have had to really give myself permission to invest in me, to let myself be supported, to live a created life all over again. In my prayers I hear God whispering into my heart, "Venus, let your light shine. No, let yo…Read More

  10. This week, the Bear Won!

    Its been coming. It has. Every since I could smell that I might have to cancel my June Street Smarts Seminar, my clutter me, "Worthless Wanda" has been inching her way back into my mouth. All I could hear was "nobody wants what I have," or "why won't someone help me out for a change," or my favorite, "maybe God doesn't want me to be a business owner. I should be happy and just teach. In this econo…Read More