1. Self-Worth & Success

    When you open your mouth, who’s  talking? Have you ever heard yourself say: "I can't afford" or "I don't deserve" or "I don't have the time to..." particularly when it comes to your self-care? I will go further. Do you find yourself spending money on your children, your company, or your cause FIRST, thus sacrificing your needs or at best, making do with what's left? The leftovers are usually ex…Read More

  2. Self-Worth, Worry & Wealth

    Self-Worth, worry, and wealth just don't mix. Let me explain. I am expanding--rather my business is expanding and I am LOOSING MY @#$%# MIND!!! It's not bad--it's just when you expand everything that use to work for you all falls apart. At the same time. Really. Because of all of the rapid growth (aka change) I am experiencing, my old habit of worrying has run amuck. I use to worry about hurting p…Read More

  3. What’s Your ‘Why’ that’s Worth it to You?

    What is your 'why' that makes living your purpose and knowing your worth significant enough for you to go beyond where you routinely stop? I received an email from a wonderful women who had heard my interview on the Inspiring Women Summit a few weeks ago. She asked a great question about what to do when you hit a wall of resistance within yourself:   A.: LOVED hearing your story on the call, h…Read More

  4. Strategic Visioning: Know Your Worth!

    Your net-worth will never exceed your self-worth. If you find yourself doubting your ability, or worried about money, or scared about the future of your relationship,  or stressed about your kids, or angry with your body for not being able to do what it use to— read on. I would like to share some strategies that have made my transition from suffering to sailing through my growth process gentle …Read More

  5. Strategic Visioning: Living an Inspired Life!

    Beloved friends!!! Life is beautiful!!! I am so happy and proud of me I just had to share!! I am so living an inspired life! The last time I posted, I was coming out of a dark space. Well the light is shining bright!!! I am letting my LIFE shine! I encourage you to do the same. Here are the updates: ~I have been invited to be a featured speaker at the Inspiring Women Summit!!! THIS IS HUGE!!! ~I a…Read More

  6. Strategic Visioning: Believing You Again

    What would it take for you to believe you again? I don't mean 'believe in' you; I mean to believe in you like you could take what you say to yourself to the bank and the money would be there. And I don't, mean hope. I mean a deep knowing like you know "the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West" kind of knowing. Like knowing you are a man or knowing you are a woman--you don't have to believe t…Read More

  7. Strategic Visioning: Prospering from Pain

    Have you ever felt like one of those trapeze artists who swings through the air and lets go of the bar in trust that the person they are swinging toward will catch them? But they don't. And the trapeze artist free falls through the air as the ground--or net or sandbags--rushes up to meet him or her? Can you imagine what it must feel like physically to free-fall through air arms reaching out, hands…Read More

  8. Strategic Visioning: Behind Every Success…

    Right now, I am terrified. I am sitting in a hotel room in San Diego, CA. In just a few hours I will be chatting it up with the most finacially exclusive group I have ever been affiliated with. All I can see are my inadequacies. Right when I stepped off of the plane, I listened to a voice mail from a bogus collection office about artwork I never asked for. I immediately called my lawyer, spoke wit…Read More

  9. Strategic Visioning: Giving Up Lying

    People are great—and they lie. We lie to keep the peace. We lie to avoid blame. But mostly we lie to survive. Personally. Privately. We lie in order to maintain a story that keeps our sense of self in place. Of course we don't call it lying--that would be rude. We call it kindness or executive decisions, or "it's no big deal" or "I am doing them a favor."  We lie by withholding information and …Read More

  10. Strategic Visioning: Dying to Live

    The "you" you have come to rely on has to die in order for you to live beyond the predictable. The you that has made you successful, even exceptional is great. He/She has created miracles without money, has turn companies and relationships on the brink of disaster around, and has leaped across oceans in one single bound. In street vernacular on could say you are a baddd________(fill in the blank).…Read More