1. Tonight’s THE Night!

    Are you ready? for what? Drum roll, please....to be INSPIRED!!! Tonight's the night, I will be sharing my story of going from the streets to Stanford and the strategies that saved my life. The call is free! Even if you can't make it, sign-up any way to get the recording. Join me: WHAT:From Trauma to Transformation Telesummit WHEN: Tonight, January 19th 8-9pmEST/7-8pmCST/6-7pmMST/5-6pmPST WHERE: ht…Read More

  2. Dr. King and the Secret to Making YOUR Dreams Come True

    Dr. King had a dream, which changed the world. Do you? Do you want to know the secret to fulfilling all of your dreams? Are you ready? And no, it's not hard work, contacts, or social media. The single most impactful secret to success is trust. You cannot make money, move forward, or live a life that makes you proud of yourself if you do not trust. Trust is different from hope and faith. Hope is th…Read More

  3. God is Gansta!

    Hear me out. On the streets, in the hood, particularly in urban areas where people of African American ancestry live and grow-up, we have a practice of reappropriation. Meaning, we rename things. If we trace this practice back to its roots, it all started with North American slavery. Slaves were given their masters names. So being able to name yourself within the African American community represe…Read More

  4. 5 Simple Secrets to Make YOUR New Year’s Resolutions Stick!

    Happy New Year!!! Have you made resolutions, goals and objectives for the New Year? Are you worried about keeping them? Tell the truth. Come on... I promise, I won't tell a soul. Are you good for your gym resolution up to, say, about Valentine's Day (chocolate, huumm, yummy!), and all bets are off? Or do you dread going to the mall to return that sweater for fear of blowing your goal to save money…Read More

  5. An Open Letter to God

    Dear Lord, Please hear me. Hear my cry. The truth is, I never thought I would live this long... I remember rats and roaches bigger than my hands, reaching the food before me I remember 40ozs, weed, and blow on the rickety kitchen table... I remember lil' man dying and Joey being shot... I remember bagging weed and sorting out the seeds to make sure it didn't pop I remember graveyards and asthma at…Read More

  6. Darkest before the Dawn…

    I am sick right now and it annoys me. I'm in bed on the eve of New Year's Eve and have no choice but to reflect on my life. Everywhere I look I see posts, updates, and tweets talking about New Year's goals, plans, and resolutions. Well, I don't know about you, but right now, all I can see is all the things I didn't get done. Don't get me wrong, I know that I accomplished a lot. But, do you ever s…Read More

  7. Give the Priceless Gift—Yourself!

    Happy Holidays! I just wanted to drop you a quick love note expressing my deep gratitude for who you are on the planet. I thank you for the bigness of your heart, the generosity of your spirit, and your couageous commitment to living a life free and joy-filled. YOU are my hero. I love you and I thank God for your presence on the planet. Thank you for allowing me in your life and for reading my wor…Read More

  8. Magnetize Money & More!

    The truth is, I'm lazy. I don't want to work any harder than I have to in order to produce a particular outcome. Yet, I find that many high achievers, like myself, are working ourselves so hard that stress, anxiousness, and worry are taking toll on our health, wealth, and relationships. The solution I have come up with is to shift from dynamic—think big, bold, and bad— to magnetic.  Magnetic …Read More

  9. Thanks = Giving

    'Thanks' is the most beautiful gift you can give someone. But how do you give thanks when someone owes you money, sabotaged your presentation, or didn't invite you to their wedding? Oh, and by the way, they are going to be at Thanksgiving Dinner acting like nothing happened! The holidays are prime time for family drama or business blues. We are all taught to "play nice" when what we really want to…Read More

  10. YOU Are Not a Failure!

    Let me begin with I am sorry. I know you give your best and try your hardest to have everything work and to make people happy. Yet sometimes, you feel like you have missed the mark. So you drink, eat, veg on the coach, or cry silent tears in your car or in the shower. I am apologizing for all the times life has made you feel like you are wrong, bad, weak, stupid, ugly, or dumb. I know you won't sa…Read More