1. Got the Blues and Blahs? Here’s a Remedy that Works!

    I keep waiting until I feel good, at least a little positive, to write. But the truth is I feel soooooooooooooooooooooo blue right now. Be clear: nothing's wrong. I had an AWESOME talk at the DFW International Airport's 8th Annual Women's Leadership Conference (welcome new peeps!) a week or so ago. I had an INCREDIBLE meeting with a firm that services my ideal clients, high-achievers who want to m…Read More

  2. New Memories

    Defy Impossible Inspiration: You are not your past. You are bigger than your bruises. You are the author of your life now. Defy Impossible Insight: Yes, you are not your past or your bruises, yet the memories and thoughts from the past, recent and historical, haunt you. To move forward in peace and power, all you have to do is be willing to make new memories that make your heart sing and make you …Read More

  3. Do You know YOU Matter?

    May I be ruthlessly honest with you? You are worth so much more than you have EVER been taught to believe. Last week I had the privilege of working with several extraordinary clients. My Defy Impossible Diamond client, Manon of  flew in from Calgary Canada to do her 1st "Self-Worth and Wealth" Sweet Retreat as part of her customized mentor-ship to have her business be her self, expressed in the w…Read More

  4. Walking Through Fire

    At some point you have to surrender to your destiny. You can fight it all you want, but in the end, you will do what you were put on the planet to do, willingly or unwillingly. If you are anything like me, you had a picture in your mind of what your life would look like. It could have been the American Dream or it could have been being a rock star. For some, it could have been falling in love with…Read More

  5. Whitney, Self-Worth and Success

    I was sitting in the movies, when I saw the news on my iPhone. Whitney Houston, dead, age 48. Found in a hotel room with some prescription drugs, in a bathtub. Breath stops. Immediate flood of memories rush in my mind's eye: breaking into tears the first time I heard Whitney sing, "I will Always Love You;" wearing bright yellow/green pants and pink headbands in the 80s to look as pretty as Whitney…Read More

  6. Shine!

    Inspiration: You are magnificent! Let yourself be loved! The world needs you. There are people on the planet praying for your intrinsic worth to be lavished all over them--and they will pay you handsomely for it. Shine bright by letting yourself be known! Insight:You have to open your heart to let others know you and love you. Of course you want to be discerning in who you choose to let near you.…Read More

  7. Pursuing Perfection vs Embracing Excellence

    I know, it's hard. It's hard to be a high-achiever out to give your very best to the world and not slip into becoming driven. I understand. My entire client-base is filled with brilliant, conscious, purpose-driven CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, experts, leaders, and Ph.D.s who want to make their mark, make a difference, and make millions. But we have a problem. Most high-achievers have learned h…Read More

  8. Self-Worth and Sales #1

    Picture this: you are standing right on the brink of stardom. You are one step away from closing your biggest client ever. Or you really want your teenager to clean his room without you getting laryngitis from screaming your head off. Then something happens. The director changes your blocking or the client begins to hem-and-ha or your kid gives you one of those looks and you choke. Or your blow-u…Read More

  9. Tonight’s THE Night!

    Are you ready? for what? Drum roll, please....to be INSPIRED!!! Tonight's the night, I will be sharing my story of going from the streets to Stanford and the strategies that saved my life. The call is free! Even if you can't make it, sign-up any way to get the recording. Join me: WHAT:From Trauma to Transformation Telesummit WHEN: Tonight, January 19th 8-9pmEST/7-8pmCST/6-7pmMST/5-6pmPST WHERE: ht…Read More

  10. Dr. King and the Secret to Making YOUR Dreams Come True

    Dr. King had a dream, which changed the world. Do you? Do you want to know the secret to fulfilling all of your dreams? Are you ready? And no, it's not hard work, contacts, or social media. The single most impactful secret to success is trust. You cannot make money, move forward, or live a life that makes you proud of yourself if you do not trust. Trust is different from hope and faith. Hope is th…Read More