This month on the blog, I’m featuring Black Women artists as entrepreneurs. Why?

Because they are so much more than celebrities!!

They are massively successful businesswomen who KILL IT in the entrepreneurial world!

So many people think business has to “look” white. Masculine. (Think Starbucks. AT&T.)

But the women I’m featuring this month crush that belief. They make their mark, while making millions.

Today, it’s all about Tyra Banks.

When you read that name, what’s your first thought?

She’s beautiful, right? One of the world’s top-earning models. (Anyone who has ever seen her cover on Sports Illustrated can testify to that! But did you know that she is the first black woman to get the Sports Illustrated cover? Same goes for the cover of GQ! She was also the face of Victoria’s Secret.)

But she’s So. Much. More. than #flawless.

Television personality, producer, businesswoman, actress, author, singer …

And our girl earned a “Certificate of Completion” from HARVARD, after completing a nine-week course in the university’s Owner/President Management extension program, because she “wanted to be taken seriously as a businesswoman.”

I LOVE her for that! #hollaatyourgirl

She didn’t settle for celebrity status. She took her skills and applied them as a businesswoman. She created a brand. Now she teaches Personal Branding at Stanford. #hollaandpreach

Here are some facts you might not know about Tyra:

  • She co-authored a book entitled Tyra’s Beauty, Inside and Out, and then published a young adult novel titled Modelland, based on her life as a model, which topped The New York Times best-seller list!
  • She’s one of only FOUR African Americans and only SEVEN women to be repeatedly named as one of “the world’s most influential people” by Time Magazine.
  • She started her own production company, Ty Ty Baby Productions—which was renamed Bankable Productions—and produced The Tyra Banks Show and America’s Next Top Model—a hit television show where she made other models’ dreams come true.
  • She gives back—donating to various charities and funding a scholarship to help young black women attend her alma mater: The Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles. #sisterskeeper
  • She founded TZONE, a foundation aimed at developing teenage girls’ independence and self-esteem.
  • She also founded the cosmetics brand Tyra Beauty, makeup for women with color—leveraging her skin as money! (Just like leveraging your story as money, girl!)
  • She launched, a fashion and beauty website, and then, an interactive cosmetic e-commerce site.
  • She does live speaking tours around the new book she wrote with her mom, Perfect Is Boring! 10 Things My Crazy, Fierce Mama Taught Me About Beauty, Booty, and Being a Boss.

This sister never stops!

And I hold her close to my heart, because she is someone we can admire not just as a celebrity, but as a true entrepreneur who makes a difference, while making her paper—on her OWN terms!


Like me, she sells her story. She writes. She gets in front of the people who need her on so many different platforms.


She shares her gifts, as she defies impossible!!!


Which celebrity-entrepreneur do YOU admire most?

Post below and let me know!

With all the love my heart can hold…

Dr. Venus


7 Responses to “Black Women Artists as Entrepreneurs—My Girl Tyra Banks!”

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  1. Qiana DuBose

    I'm so humbly grateful to be apart of this movement to be apart of something that is so phenomenal with such powerful kickass women. God is so good and I thank him for his divine order and timing I really appreciate your leadership and know that I will be great and doing my life's work because God placed you into my life on purpose to whip me into shape so I thank You! Respectfully yours, Qiana DuBose
    • Dr. Venus

      You are an exquisite person to teach Qiana! Thank you for being a Black Woman who is more committed to her future than her past. With all the love my heart can hold... Dr. Venus
  2. Irvina Moody

    I am admire Daymond John for being an entrepreneur who launched his clothing line Fubu. He was very successful entrepreneur and now he is helping other entrepreneurs.. on Shark Tank. I love how he has empowered me to reach into my inner creativity to develop inventions and ideas. I hope to meet him one day.
  3. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Lynn Owens</a>

    Hello Dr. Venus, I am motivated and inspired by you. Your story of living on the streets and then on to Stanford, speaking and pouring your heart and soul into others, and of course, I can't skip earning the cool 4 million, and becoming a millionaire as your fearlessly pursue your passion. Thanks for sharing all about Tyra, I love her too, but I think you are one of my real sheros!

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