Most people get it wrong when it comes to manifesting.

Manifesting is not about affirmation or intention.

It’s not prayer or visioning.

And it’s not Law of Attraction.

All of the above listed modalities are amazing and work really well, yes. I know. I use them every day.

But manifesting, at least the way it has shown up in my life, is not rooted in the “positive.”

No. Not at all.

Manifesting is rooted in pain.

Stay with me.

I know you have been taught, told, and now believe that manifesting is rooted in spirituality, like New Thought and New Age teachings. And it has been. But have you noticed that when you try to manifest through visualization, intention, prayer, angel cards, chanting, supplication, tarot, fasting, cleansing, tithing—pick your poison—you get some variation of the picture in your mind?

Have you noticed that you NEVER get the exact thing or outcome you intended, or prayed for, or visualized?

And if you have, it took A LOT of energetic effort and focus.

When I committed in my heart space to have my first live event, I intended to have 50 butts in seats. I prayed. I visualized. I chanted. I used my singing bowl. I read Wayne Dyer. I meditated on Louise Haye’s affirmation cards. I did EVERYTHING a spiritual junkie would and could do to manifest my intended outcome of 50 butts in seats.

I had 11.

It broke my heart. And I tried again. I prayed harder. I fasted. I listened to beta sound waves. I intended to manifest 50 butts in seats the following year.

I had 23.

It took me six years to get 150 people to an event. And it wasn’t because I manifested it.

It’s because I learned how to market.

So today, I want to share some keys about truly manifesting. (Keep reading—it’s really not what you think.)

You see, manifesting occurs when you are absolutely hopeless and give up control.

Think about it in your real life. Have you ever noticed how a miracle happens when you are in a true crisis? Your become laser-focused. Your prayers are filled with such a level of emotion that you actually PULL what you want TO you.

So if you really tell the truth, manifesting begins where the will ends.

Your will is driving what you intend to manifest. And each time you don’t manifest, you feel like a failure, and tell yourself a story about how “It must be God’s will” for you to have what you have, not what you truly wanted.

At least that has been my experience.

So when it comes to truly manifesting, being positive doesn’t have enough of an emotional charge to pull to you what you are truly desperate for.

The way I manifest is by getting to the bottom of my hopelessness.

I look life right in the eye and confront the failure, the pain, the “mess” that I have been lying to myself about.

I let myself FEEL EVERYTHING. I let my heartbreak. I grieve. I let the sadness or the anger or the resentment flood and wash over me.

I let myself give up the hope for what I wanted so badly.

THEN and only then, can I surrender my will.

And in THAT pure, authentic, raw space, I start to take responsibility for my pain, my failure, my mess. I start to see EXACTLY how I caused the failure.

Once I am responsible, there is an energetic clearing.

And in that energetic clearing, I “drop” a way of being that has NOTHING to do with what I wanted in the first place.

In its place, I create a way of being that fills me with joy and wonder—with no attachment to HOW it will actually happen or come to be.

Then I forget it and go about my business.

That’s how I manifest.

Here’s an example: When I was doing the LA Black Woman Millionaire™ Tour Stop, we had no media coverage. Meanwhile, my Hollywood Rep was prepared to bring networks and production companies to the tour stop to see the “magic.” Well, my team at the time wasn’t “LA ready,” and all the extra hope, money, and energy we had poured into this tour stop was for naught.

I was heartbroken. It took 30 years to get to that weekend. And it all went to hell in a handbasket because I didn’t ask my media person the right question. I didn’t ask if she had done press for a NATIONAL campaign, as opposed to local and regional. He had not, and I didn’t know it until we got to LA.

So I took to bed for three days and grieved the loss of my dream.

It was so bad, I couldn’t pray. I couldn’t visualize. I couldn’t affirm shit. All I could do was breathe.

On the fourth day, clients came to my town for their VIP day, so I had to get up.

I shared the breakdown and took responsibility for my inexperience with LA media.

The next day was Saturday, and I decided to focus on creating the energetic space to be WOWED by God. It felt good. Plus, we were in Hollywood, so anything was possible.

While I was teaching my VIP’s about manifesting, my team handed me a note.

Girl, I will NEVER forget what it said: Snoop Dogg wanted to come in and say “hi.”

Well, he did, and let me tell you, all hell broke loose!

Here’s the thing:

He encouraged me to keep inspiring people and to keep doing what I was doing.

The five minutes of coverage from that day, when Snoop edified me, was viewed over 500,000 times.

In other words, we received more exposure from that five minutes than ANY sort of media coverage in LA could have given us.

My point is this: Manifesting is a function of surrendering your death grip on “making it happen by the power of your will,’ and allowing God to do God.

So if you want to become MASTERFUL at manifesting, you have to dive into your mess and confront your addiction to control.

Manifesting is PURE energy. It cannot be manipulated. You can’t “make” it happen. You have to let it happen. And you have to let go of how you think it should look, or the form you expect it to take, along with the timeframe you want it to happen in.

The Universe moves with incredible velocity. When you “let go and let God,” you will be blown away by how quickly the desires of your heart manifest in material form.

Whew! That was a mouthful. ☺

Take a moment and look to see how you are manipulating “manifesting” to get what you want. No judgment. No condemnation. Just truth. And then identify exactly what you can allow to fail, so you can be free to manifest—without strings.

Post below so we can bear witness…

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  1. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Desiree Adkins</a>

    Dr. Venus, for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart: "Manifesting is a function of surrendering your death grip on “making it happen by the power of your will,’ and allowing God to do God." When I think back on any 'win,' victory or accomplishment I've had, the truly memorable ones...the ones that showed out were those that I surrendered to. And the result was exceedingly and abundantly above all that I could ask or think. But first, I had to own and feel my "mess." 💛
  2. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Eliza</a>

    Yup I’m owning my mess & control right now! Today I had to let it all go & say Most High God help me because all the work I put it, made me have to use my therapeutic tools more than ever. God knows I surrender to Him completely. Thanks much this is sure enough the truth! More healing to peace & happiness to you & all who can understand the process. The struggle was painfully real! ✌🏾👑❣️

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