Exactly who is Dr. Venus, founder of the Black Women Millionaires movement and CEO of Defy Impossible, Inc.?

By the time I was 16 years old, I was living on the mean streets of Baltimore, amidst drugs, prostitutes, pimps, police and violence.

The predictable outcome was welfare, addiction, hoin’ and death—in that order. One bitterly cold evening, I remember sitting on my corner, Monument and Federal St, steeped in urine and beer and praying, “God please help me.” The answer to that prayer came in the form of my 9th-grade math teacher, Mrs. Judy Mae Francis; she saved my life.

She saw me as somebody with worth, with value that I didn’t have to earn, or prove or pay for with my body. She taught me, through her actions that I mattered.

I realized if I could see me the way Mrs. Francis saw me, maybe, I could do something with my life. 14 years later, I graduated from Stanford University with my 2nd Master’s degree and a Ph.D. I  turned my survival into a system that fast-tracked me to $4 million in 5 years. My clients have generated millions in revenue using my PROVEN programs, systems, and strategies.

I know what it takes to break free of inner glass ceilings that limit performance to produce immediate, lasting and unprecedented results.

I was recently featured in Ebony Magazine, as one of 4 black millionaires who turned their passion into profit. I have consulted O Magazine and been featured on ABC News, CBS News, in Glamour magazine, Diversity Inc., the Associated Press and on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, which reaches 8 million daily. I also am a contributing author to Heart&Soul magazine.

But, what do you stand for?

I stand for successful, smart, and savvy sisters being paid out the a$$ for what we bring to the table, with peace, confidence, clarity, and freedom.

How can you help me to value myself and monetize my worth?

*The answer is very simple: teach you how to make self-worth money instead of self-esteem money.

Self-Esteem Money = what you would pay based on how you feel about yourself rooted in your past experiences
Self-Worth Money = what others will handsomely and gladly pay you based on the inherit value and intrinsic worth you naturally bring to life.

Here is an example. My salary as a professor was my self-esteem money. Get a ‘good’ education, land a ‘good’ job and be secure. I come from the streets. Security was my crack. When I was up for tenure (aka job security for life), my faculty voted against me. It was like being hit by a 2×4. I felt betrayed, undermined, powerless—and back on the streets.

It was then I decided it was time for me to stop buying validation under the auspices of credentials and start to bet on me. Within days, I had my 1st free talk in front of CEOs.

As I listened to the CEOs talk, I could hear they were lying. I was able to quickly assess their inner glass ceiling and show them a different ways to view themselves so they could take new actions.

By the end of my talk, the entire CEO group hired me.

The CEOs saw me as an asset to them; that’s why they were throwing money at me. I realized they were paying, not for my credentials, skills, or charisma; they were paying me for my ear. My street-smart survival capacity to hear what people are NOT saying. What’s more, I realized, as the CEOs were writing out their checks, that they were paying 10x what I was making as a professor.

You too have a 10x value/worth in the market place that you are not leveraging. Aren’t you sick of slavin’ and making other people rich with your genius? I can show you how to identify it, monetize it, package, position, and leverage your worth—so you never have to slave (or feel powerless) again.