One of the biggest lessons I have learned is this: money is energy, not effort.

This realization was HUGE for me.

I always thought if I worked hard, I would make more. So as a professor, I took on mentoring students, being on multiple committees, and teaching summer classes under the auspices of “proving” my worth to “the powers that be.” I sincerely believed that if my deans and peers saw me doing extra work that wasn’t in my contract, they would vote to tenure me (aka give me job security for life), and I would always have a career.

I was wrong. My peers voted AGAINST me for tenure.

All the hard work, all the effort I had put into providing value (to my students AND to my colleagues my colleagues—reading their articles and offering feedback, joint-publishing articles, serving as a dissertation advisor for Black or Queer graduate students WHILE teaching a full load of classes—all of it) didn’t get me shit. Oh, I looked important and people acknowledged me … but all that “doing” didn’t translate into tenure, promotion, or money.

It wasn’t until I became an entrepreneur that I realized the absolute bankruptcy of “working hard”: money is not an object. You can’t “earn” money, because money is not a tangible artifact you can touch. The sign that stands for money has changed throughout time: cows, coins, credit cards. So why are you working so hard for it?

Here is the truth: money is an energetic exchange. Let me explain.

The institution of North American Slavery was a business in which the Black Body was the energy source for manifesting the American Dream. Every piece of cotton that was picked was an energetic exchange from our hands to their wallets. Every baby that was born into slavery was the labor force to till the land. The energy it took to nurse babies, to cut sugar cane, to bag tobacco, was energy that was turned into commerce.

So until you realize that the ENERGY you are pouring into someone else’s dream is currency, you are squandering instead of investing in your own dreams, and you will always be a slave.

Wondering how to make the shift?

Here are three Millionaire Mentor Strategies to move you from “effort” to “energy”:

  1. Stop doing things you are not paid to do. If you are anything like me, you have been socially rewarded for (or positioned to) “proving it,” “making it” or “overcoming it.” So you do more. Extra. You go above and beyond, so “they” won’t think you are lazy, stupid, less than. So you can “show them.” So you over give. Or you undercharge, because you don’t want to appear “greedy.” But what you’re actually doing is training people to take advantage of you. And then you feel used. Stop. Just stop. Identify the things you are paid to do and stop “saving the day” so you feel important or needed. When you stop doing things you are not paid to do, you will reclaim your time and your self-respect.
  2. Start ONLY trafficking in the positive of what’s possible. This is a hard one. You MUST stop saying and talking about ALL the things that are negative, gossiping, and recounting what you read and watch on TV and online. You have to protect your energy the way you protect your child from a pedophile—don’t let the negative into your spiritual house! When you listen to or speak ANYTHING in the lower vibrations of jealousy, anger, resentment, judging others, beating yourself up etc., you are energetically draining your bank account. Money is a heart condition. If your heart is clogged with negativity, your money can’t multiply.
  3. Heal. Heal. Heal. If you don’t get serious about healing all the hurts you have lived, you will ALWAYS work hard. When you heal your addiction to earning, proving, and overcoming, you can then take ALL of that energy and let it serve your seven-figure destiny. You’ve got to stop believing what you’ve been told about earning money, because it just isn’t true.

And that’s why soon, I’m doing a training on busting myths about becoming a millionaire.

If you’re ready to discover EXACTLY how to stop working hard, I hope you’ll join me. I’ll be sending the details about that soon, so watch your inbox.

In the meantime, post which of the three strategies above you can commit to taking on this week (and why) below, so we can bear witness.

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  1. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Cassandra Hill</a>

    Starting today I will begin focusing ONLY on what's positively possible in my life. This really resonates with me since I have had some positive things to happen professionally however there have been some hurdles as well. I really need to think on what God has planned for me.
  2. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Michelle</a>

    I’ve always worked with an agenda. I will work for what I need and quit when that is accomplished. What I taught my children is to be mindful a “job” enriches others. Only working for oneself can true freedom be experienced. I have been called lazy and trifling but I’ve always had faith my needs will be met. This year, it’s all about Healing and Forgiving myself and others

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