Defy Impossible

Feel me on this:

Black. Women. Matter.

Topics Dr. Venus can discuss in media interviews include:

  • Seven-Figure Secrets for Six-Figure Sisters: Proven Internal and External Strategies to Break Your First Million—On Your OWN Terms;
  • “Self-Esteem” Money vs. “Self-Worth” Money; How The Way You View Yourself Determines How Much Money You Make in the Workplace;
  • How to Emancipate Yourself so You Have the Clarity, Confidence and Ability to Make as Much Cash as You Want, Whenever You Want;
  • How to Set Yourself Free as a Black Woman in Business, Emotionally, Mentally and Financially, So You Never Have to Slave Again;
  • How to Tap Into Innate Survival Skills to Produce Monetary Success That Makes a Difference and Empowers Other Black Women;
  • Stop Doubting Yourself and Wasting Your Time, Energy and Even Your Own Money to Make Other People Rich;
  • How to Use Your Life Turmoil to Create or Grow a 7-Figure Business;
  • Why a Good Education Can Be Bad for Business;
  • The Number 1 Secret to Fast Track Your Earnings to 7 Figures;
  • Why It’s Not Your Fault: How the Residue of Slavery Shapes the Self-Image of Black Women and Their Financial Future;
  • How Security, Approval and Position Have Kept Professional Black Women Safe, Stuck and Playing Small in “Good” Jobs;
  • How She Went from a Youth on the Streets of Baltimore to Earning Two Master’s Degrees and a Ph.D. from Stanford University;
  • How You Can Lead a Free and Fulfilled Life and Never Have to Worry About Money Again;
  • Why ALL Women Are Slaves (Hear me out!)
  • And more.