It’s that time of year again … parents everywhere are shopping for supplies and clothes for their kids to go back to school … adults are gearing up to continue their education (IF they allowed themselves a summer break!).


I’ve always been a proponent of continuous education. That’s part of why I became a professor, and why I continued my education pretty much my entire life.

Now, as your Black Woman Millionaire Mentor™, I’m telling you today that money requires a different sort of education. And today’s article is part one of a new series that explains what I mean by “different” education.


Consider this:

According to Chris Argyis in an article published in the Harvard Review in 1991, entitled Teaching Smart People How to Learn, success is directly linked to a person’s ability to learn.

Here’s what I’ve noticed, though, in my work with super-smart entrepreneurs and leaders: they suck at learning! LOL. #stickwithmehere

Intelligent people tend to associate their own sense of self with their accomplishments—their wins. The crux: learning requires failing. But when millionaires-in-the-making fail, they tend to become defensive. They aren’t open to feedback, suggestions, or help. Because what they’re actually hearing (based on their wounds) is, “You are not enough.”

So let’s start there—with that “not enough” wound.

Here are five “Heal. Manifest. Millions. Inquiries,” to get to the root of your wound around failing (I suggest writing the questions and answers down on a piece of paper):

  1. When was the first time you failed?
  2. What did you decide about yourself when that happened?
  3. How have you compensated (and over-compensated) for feeling like a failure?
  4. What must you heal to separate your actions from your sense of self?
  5. What is the biggest blessing that manifested from that failure?


See, failure is NOT an indication of your worth. It’s actually a crucial part of the path to your seven-figure destiny. When you can look at it that way, you’ll see how it helps you see the next right action to take. You’ll see how failure really IS a blessing in disguise.

I invite you to look for the blessing that is a direct outcome of that first moment in time when you missed the mark.

Then, bless ALL your failures the same way—by seeing how they have helped you grow.

Post below so we can witness.

With all the love my heart can hold…


Dr. Venus


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  1. Akamilah

    Greetings, Many (many) years ago I created several curriculums that address Character Development, Prevention Education, Health, Nutrition, & Personal Wellness for (a retreat for nonprofit workers). The curriculum was super solid (for its time) but I didn't have the skills to put together grants and other administrative efforts, etc for it to fully take off. By God's Grace, I was able to land some contracts but I knew it could've been a more substantial and sustainable venture if I had the proper help (or proper knowledge in those areas). That being said, it felt like a failing time. I was heartbroken for a good while. Fast forward to present day, I'm testing the waters again with a new venture! I have more of a personal understanding to not let fear or fear of failure stop me from moving forward! Thank you Dr. Venus for all you do XOXO!!!!!!

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